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Mental Illness

By: Kitty Genocide Alpha PX 700

Jeff Lucena

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Mental Illness

By: Kitty Genocide Alpha PX 700
Mental Disorder
The ability to function abnormally with a much different behavioral pattern than a regular life.
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Thank you!
Signs and Symptoms
What Can


-We can give them their own special classes.
- Give them comfort.
- Be thier friend.
- Help them with stuff they cant do themselves.
- Give them support.
- Help them get a cure

How To Care
Rett Syndrome
Rett syndrome is an illness that mostly affects girls at birth.
For the first six months, the girls have a regular growth, but symptoms start to become clear after those months.
The disorder is usually associated with regions including the brain nervous system and in social context .
Many people with mental disabilities have many mood swings and strange, addictive habits.
There are many causes for mental illnesses such as inherited traits, environmental exposure before birth, and brain chemistry
Group therapy
Day treatment or partial hospital treatment
Cognitive-behavior therapy
Behavior modification
OCD is a disorder of the brain and behavior
- Have "extreme" and "inflexible" personality traits.
- It can cause you to have problems in work and school.
- People with personality disorders sometimes:
Steal things
Try to get attention
Break the law
Sometimes have violent behavior
Cant handle criticism
Can be influenced easy by other people
and many more

Having a mental illness can stress and complicate your life.
Down Syndrome
Most have an IQ of a range of 50 to 70, but some may even have up to 10 to 35
Children with Down Syndrome have difficulty thinking and delayed development.
Some of the complications can be:
-Decreased enjoyment in life
-Relationship difficulties
-Poverty and homelessness
-Self-harm and harm to others
Some Symptoms are:
-Loss of movement and coordination
-Loss of communication and thinking abilities
-Abnormal behaviors
35% get progressively worse with no return to normalcy
22% have a single episode with no lasting effects
25% have multiple episodes with minimal impairment
8% have a single episode with lasting impairment
Personality Disorder
Gets mad if something is wrongly placed,Such as, coloring out of the lines
By : Kitty Genocide Alpha P.X. 700
About 50% of people with Schizophrenia end up relatively independent or completely cured
The cost of Schizophrenia was estimated to be
for the United States in
That comes out to
per person with Schizophrenia
Schizophrenia, in all its forms, is terminal & progressively worsens
Short Clip On OCD
Short clip on down syndrome
What is a Mental Illness?
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