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Levels of Organization, Plants

No description

Stephanie Chandel

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Levels of Organization, Plants

Organ Systems
Organs working together
Organ Systems in Plants
Root System - all of the roots together

Shoot System - stem and leaves to help photosynthesis

Reproductive System - Keep the species alive
Tissues in Plants
Vascular tissue - transports water and food
*Xylem = carries water
*Phloem = carries food
Ground tissue - photosynthesis
*Palisade = top of the leaf where
photosynthesis happens
*Spongy = carbon dioxide hangs out
Dermal - protection
Organs in Plants
Roots - stores food and anchors plant
Flowers - Sexual Reproduction
Leaves - Photosynthesis
Stem - support, height and transportation
Specialized Cell
Cells designed to perform task

Plants have Specialized Cells
Levels of Organization, Plants
Specialized cells work together
Two or more tissues working together

The Plant
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