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Broken Chain

No description

Jacklyn Protz

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Broken Chain

By: Jacklyn Protz Broken Chain The Characters, setting and foundation!! Exposition Alfonso starts out as a boy that wants to look good. He has crooked teeth and just got a new haircut. He admires all the rock stars in magazines and on posters. He also wants a girlfriend. Alfonso!!! Sandra is a 13 year old that lives in Madison and has a little brother. She wore pigtails. Sandra!! Ernie is Alfonso's older brother. His best friend is a boy called Frostie. Ernie is also looking for a girlfriend. Although Ernie may seem mean he is really a nice guy when it comes down to it. Ernie The setting to me is really only Alfonso's neighborhood and his house, Although Sandra mentions that she lives in Madison, that isn't a Setting. Setting Conflicts 2. Ernie and Frostie get blew off by two girls they met at a Halloween party. 1. Alfonso Wants to change his appearance. Major obstacles that the characters must face. 3. Ernie thinks that Sandra was the girl that blew them off and seeks revenge. Events that lead to the conflict, otherwise help develop it. Rising Action: 1. Alfonso meets Sandra, by helping her brother.
2. She wants to go bike riding, but her bike has a flat and Ernie won't let Alfonso use his.
3. Alfonso tries to fix his appearance by working out, new hairstyles and pushing on his teeth. The most intense part of the story. Climax The climax of the story is when Alfonso is cleaning his bike chain and then when he is taking it off it breaks. So now Alfonso not only has just one bike now he has no bike at all. Falling Action: events leading to solving the conflict. The falling action in this story is when Alfonso is going to meet Sandra and he has no bike, but he turns around to find Ernie and Frostie riding up. Resolution/Denoument: How the conflict is solved The resolution to this story is when Ernie lets Alfonso borrow his bike, then he goes to pick up Sandra. After he picks up Sandra she hops on the handle bars and rides with Alfonso to complete their first date.
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