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The Invention Of Paper

The Invention of Paper making has being passed on from one generation to another.

Hawanatu Turay

on 13 April 2010

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Transcript of The Invention Of Paper

The Invention And Use Of Paper And Use Of Paper The ancient chinese first made paper in the following fashion:
-plant fibers such has hemp were soaked and beaten into a sludge.
-The sludge was strained through a cloth sieve attached to a frame that also serve has drying.

Today the use of paper is used for a variety of reasons.
-Writing a report
and many more.
Chinese are the inventors of paper making The use of paper spread from china through the islamic world and entered production in medieval Europe in the 13th century where the first water- powered paper mills were built for paper making. The use of paper is used for basic everyday need like school work working at the office signing in or out of jobs. Citation
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