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8th Grade STAAR Reading Lesson One: Affixes and Words in Context

8.1.2.A, 8.1.2B, 8.1.2E

Heather Sanders

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of 8th Grade STAAR Reading Lesson One: Affixes and Words in Context

STAAR Lesson 1:
Affixes and Words in Context When you encounter unfamiliar words when you're reading, it can be helpful to understand what the PARTS of the word mean. TEKS 8.1.2A Determine the meaning of words
derived from roots and affixes.
8.1.2.B Use context to determine or clarify the meaning of words.
8.1.2.E Use a dictionary, a glossary, or a thesaurus to determine meanings. AFFIXES are the BUILDING BLOCKS of the English Language AFFIXES An AFFIX is a word part that can't stand on its own.

*A PREFIX is an affix that is added to the
beginning of a word.

Ex. The prefix mis- means "wrongly"

mis + behave = misbehave = to behave wrongly A SUFFIX is an affix that is added to the END of a

Ex. -less = without

price + less = priceless = without price

* The addition of a suffix may change the part
of speech of the root word.

Ex. price = noun and priceless = adjective AFFIXES AFFIXES are the BUILDING BLOCKS of the English Language YET ANOTHER WAY TO DETERMINE MEANING When you begin learning and remember the meaning of AFFIXES (suffixes and prefixes), figuring out what words mean gets easier! So why do AFFIXES MATTER? ...and you may not even need a dictionary! CONTEXT Another way to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words is through CONTEXT, or the words around an unknown word or phrase. CONNOTATION and DENOTATION LET'S REVIEW LESSON ONE: You can determine the meaning of unfamiliar words by: Understanding the meaning of affixes,
which are prefixes and suffixes.

Using context clues.

Distinguishing between the connotative and
denotative meanings of the word. ...and sometimes the dictionary or a thesaurus!
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