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Queen Elizabeth I

No description

Anna Skornack

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Queen Elizabeth I

Growing up
Interesting Facts
After the death of King Henry XIII
Elizabeth was put under the care of Catherine Parr, her stepmother.
Thomas Seymour, Catherine Parr's new husband, was tried for attempting to marry Elizabeth in order to gain political power. (Thomas)
Edward, Elizabeth's younger brother from Henry's third wife, became king at a very young age on January 28, 1547.
He died soon after his coronation due to his poor health on July 6, 1553. (Lara)
Under the reign of Queen Mary:
Mary was Elizabeth's older sister, and unlike Elizabeth, Mary was Catholic.
Mary killed many Protestants and Elizabeth's life was constantly in danger.
Many plots to eliminate Elizabeth were conceived during Mary's reign, but Mary was not directly involved with them.(BBC)
Elizabeth was accused of adultery and locked in The Tower.
Mary was afraid to kill her because of her popularity with the people. (Thomas)
Elizabeth was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace to King Henry the XIII and his second wife Anne Boleyn.
Elizabeth's mother was executed under false accusations of adultery and incest on January 8, 1535. (Lara)
She lived a lonely childhood, because she spent much of her life living in Hatfield with her caretaker Kat as her only companion.
She mastered Latin, Greek, Spanish, French, Italian, and English by the age of 4. (Thomas)
Religion and beliefs

Elizabeth was Protestant.
As queen, she passed the 1599 Religious Settlement, which separated the church and the state.
She created the Book of Common Prayer.
She reestablished the Church of England. (Thomas)
She supported a Protestant rebellion against Spain and defeated the Spanish Armada.
She believed that a queen could rule without a king by her side.(History)
She was vain.
She wore white makeup to symbolize her purity and to cover scars left after her recovery from small pox.
She wore elaborate outfits.
She was clever and witty.
She was kind, but also had a quick temper. (Hank)
She was cautious with who she trusted.
She liked to support the people who were involved in the arts, which is why she built many theater including the "Elizabethan Theater".
She also supported elxplorers and navigators .("Queen")
Under the Rule of Queen Elizabeth I:
At the beginning of Elizabeth's reign, neither the English Parliament nor England' allies believed Elizabeth was capable of ruling on her own.
Plots were made to assassinate her.
She proved that she was good at strategic planning and manged to protect both her country and herself.
She was loved by the English people. She earned their trust by stating that she was married to her country rather than to a king.("Queen")
In order to satisfy the Parliament, she became engaged to a number of suitors, but always broke off the engagement.
She wasn't afraid to execute or exile people she thought was plotting against her.
Arts, such as music and theater, flourished with Elizabeth's support.(Thomas)
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Queen Elizabeth I
Review Questions:
1. What characteristics of Elizabeth made her a successful ruler and why?
2. How did Queen Elizabeth gain the trust of the people of England?
3. Why was Elizabeth never murdered during the reign of her older sister, Queen Mary of Scots, even though there were religious differences?
4. What did Elizabeth do for the Church of England?
5. How did Elizabeth influence the arts and navigation during her reign?
Despite her lonely and dangerous childhood, she was able to be a strong leader. Queen Elizabeth was a very intelligent, cunning, and witty queen.
Queen Elizabeth provided her country stability and confidence during her reign of 44 years. Her country desperately needed this after the instability and unrest that they had experienced during the rule of her sisters and her father.
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