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Crunch: Achievement

No description

Darren Fell

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Crunch: Achievement

We're with the big boys now!
We're with the BIG boys now!
Top 50 + 50 Accounting Firms 2014
Crunch's Mission
To be the number 1 accountancy firm in the UK, with over 10,000 micro businesses
Most outstanding customer service
with a netpromoter score of 50%
Q4: 39% / Q1: 43%
Lets really increase our calls
Let's really know our customers
In turn we'll turn around the C2C's
Best accountancy product
with average score over 3 professional review sites
Reviews.co.uk: 4.51 star average / 5 stars
Best price
compared to the marketplace for value of services provided
Boox and CleverAccounts @ £69.00
Ever efficient operation
continually tuning operation to make it more efficient
Pod Management
Eliminate wasted tasks - chasing for statements
Clear KPI's to work to...
Best place to work
Winning this category in an awards of this name
Kate is working on a plan*****
We've learnt SO much
We believe we exist to make YOU (and your business) successful!
Your feelings - Core Values Survey
Personal Values
Determination; Passionate; Deliver Results; Care; Dignity;
Flexible; Imaginative; Critical; Approachable; Valuing the Customer; Be the Best Person I Can; Creativity; Light Heartedness; Confidentiality; Keeping to your word; Be Prepared; Candidness; Succinctness; Give Opportunities to Others; Independence; Professional; Professional Judgement; Conscientious; Confidence; Pride; Family First; Protecting Family; Time Keeping; Hard Working; Enjoying Life; Drinking Beer; Patience when Helping Others; Doing things right first time; Communication; Continue to learn or move on; Reliability; Eager to learn; Harmony; Discipline; Social Responsibility; Ethical; Friendly; Adding Value; Making a Difference; Committed to the role.
If Crunch was a person what values would they have?
Power; Fame; Empathetic; Happy to help (on own terms); Successful; Fun; Self-Aware; Hasty; Creative; Accurate; Approachable; Articulate; Accountable; Dependable;
Boldness; Order; Individuality; Inspiring; Innovative; Courageous; Unselfish; Loyal; Quality Service; Accessible; Curiosity; Harmony; Smart; Prepared; Friendly; Calm; Enthusiastic; Supportive; Providing a helpful service at a fair price; A bit of a maverick, not afraid to break the law if he thinks it's necessary. He will, perhaps, travel 80mph on the motorway if, for example, he wants to get somewhere quickly; Always minding the purse strings. Able to afford a nice holiday if he wanted it, but he knows it's more sensible to put that money in an ISA; Someone to confide in at any time. The friend you turn to when you’re in a muddle; Not what I think they are, but what I'd want them to be:
Recognition of hard work,
Professional respect,
of information.
What is it you like about the
Crunch culture?
- no one has ever said no to providing help and everyone is very friendly.
Everyone works together so well with very little drama. Managers, although effective, There's a lot of talent and a lot of love in the team; Relaxed atmosphere; Everyone is welcome; Change is a good thing; Friendly team relaxed working environment. Freedom to succeed or fail on the strength of my own work; Teamwork, respect; The fun aspect that enhances the work rather than detracts from it; Relaxed working environment, nice offices in Hove, my colleague; Friendly; The strong empathise on team work the fact that all staff are very social with each other and happy to be;
The Friendliness; Involvement; Friendliness of sub-management employees, everybody works hard to create a culture not just in work but outside too; The current culture at Crunch seems to be on a verge of something great. 24 hours away from greatness, that close. Forever evolving and adapting to their customer’s needs. Constantly moving with the times. A close network of internal professionals connected to a wider web of freelancing professionals. One big team; Fun, interesting, hardworking, innovative, cutting edge; It is well trimmed between formality and informality, it has a good mix of personality and most interactions at the current size of the company can still be personal and direct; I like feeling that I can make a clear contribution to the success of the company too, that my input is not just a drop in the ocean but is visible and produces visible benefits; Laid back, but professional; The community within Crunch I find very motivating, you have teams pulling together to help out individuals and some great friendships have been formed; Creativity; Informal;
Positive attitude; Friendly; I love the friendly atmosphere and the strong team culture which is implemented by the pod structure; The friendly atmosphere - everyone is always willing to help each other; Young, vibrant, entrepreneurial; Generally it is a happy workplace environment; Social environment is professional but relaxed; everyone can speak to anyone, whether they are a senior or a junior starter; Currently at Crunch I like that management are receptive to new ideas and don't just lay down rules to be followed. Everyone is approachable if you have an issue and if a client has a serious problem the response is immediate; no one shirks their responsibility to resolve an issue; It's also nice that there are no forced targets, you can't make every client bank rec within a set number of days and this is understood; It's nice that the atmosphere is relaxed within the offices;
Laid back appearance and new changes; The staff make the company. Everyone works hard and appears dedicated; The people, working here is great because everyone wants to help each other out and get along; I like the helpfulness and the friendliness; The atmosphere in the office is relaxed and friendly whilst remaining productive. Hierarchy seems relatively "flat" meaning everyone is able to contribute and communicate regardless of position in the company; Friendly people; Relaxed atmosphere - not a high pressure environment; Social events; Friendly team; Good mix of experience to learn from; staff are supportive of one another; management are available and approachable;
Open mindedness, relaxed atmosphere, collaboration within teams and across teams; That everyone is great at helping each other out
views and ideas are listened to.
It's like a big family; The sense of teamwork is incredible.

Treat you as an equal;

Determination that is incorruptible from the higher management to truly make crunch as good as it can be, it really acts as a strong motivator;

Is there anything you dislike about the current Crunch culture?
One of our brand new looks...
A new user interface...
- Preston Park

- Hired a professional BBQ team to serve us BBQ goodness. Accompaniments and drinks will also be provided.

- We will be organising team games - cricket and rounders
Gossip - pub chat
People do not talk, they email and copy in rather than deal with issues face on; Too many emails
Martin Hesketh, Head of Operations
Mark Cossey, Head of UX and Design
Stephen Paynter, Financial Controller
Kate Roper, Senior HR
Money collected in advance, by Direct Debit
Plus package: £96.50 per month
Premium Package: £126.50 per month
Add-on services
Unique: friendly, fun, professional, amazing sense of teamwork
We genuinely care and we are REAL
continually improving office
Crunch cafe on it's way!!
continually adding to benefits
creating careers
Re-building Crunch's systems
Services or objects rather than one code block
Service Orientated Architecture

A brand new User Interface
A new brand
Revenue for Customer invoices
£1.1 Billion
per month
per annum
Soon to be
Test and improve efficiencies
No credit check so ‘alternative current account’ setup 5mins
Improve direct debit efficiencies
prove and then do with our own card
Crunch hubs
10 locations across the UK
Brighton, Shoreditch,
Victoria, Croydon, Bristol
Manchester, Newcastle,
Leeds, Liverpool, Edinburgh
Revenue is key
Customer Service 2.0

Really understand our customers
Email alone is a poor communication tool
Let's speak to customers
Upgrades and C2C will naturally rise

Netpromoter target this year: 60%
Rising trend Q3: 39% Q4: 43%
So how do we stop ourselves turning into a Corporate?
What are we
Approx 3,000 articles (or around 1.4m words)
200,000 people have used our invoice templates
Crunch being consumed by corporate culture
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