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Fear of Our Father

No description

Morgan Cassell

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Fear of Our Father

The victim
Abuser/ Father
The murderer
Stacey Kananen
Rickie Kananen
Richard Kananen
suffered abuse (took beatings so his sister's wouldn't)
looked out for his sisters
fought back with his father
went to college but was forced to drop out
left when he was in his mid 20's and got married
divorced and moved in with Stacey and her partner
Had multiple businesses(using his mom's money)
Cleared out his mom's house and changed the locks
had a storage unit
Forced his family to move around a lot without notice
Raped his kids
took a multiple day trip to Arizona and forced Stacy to drive and stay quiet while he raped her
Disappeared September 11, 1988
body was found December 22, 2003 under the garage floor

By: Amanda Blankenship, Morgan Cassell, Trenton Paul, Hunter Grubb, Hunter May
Some Background Info.
Fear of Our Father
Defense Lawyer
Diana Tennis
A true story written by the victim/ abused
A childhood of abuse
Murder of her father Richard Kananen
Murder of Marilyn Kananen, the mother
Accused by her own brother, Rickie
Fear of Our Father
Suffered abuse by her father
was raped, beaten and shot as a child
moved out while she was in her 20's
She was accused of helping kill her mother
was abused while married to Richard Kananen
went missing 15 years after her husband disappeared
was receiving social security checks for her husband
body found buried in Stacey's back yard on December 22, 2003
was tased and then suffocated
Had husband's body buried under garage and covered with steel plates
Marilyn Kananen
The mother
Marilyn with her son Rickie
Marilyn and Stacey
Christmas 1999
Stacy Kananen
The Case
Worked in 2 major Cases
Casey Anthony
Legal Ananyst for Fox News
Currently running for Circuit Court Judge in Orange and Osceola Countries: August 2014
Room For Improvement
Didn't check into everything the brother said
Rickie had 5 different stories of what happened
Only accepted the story that included Stacy being involved
Took a more personal aspect to make sure Stacy was arrested
Did not check into the story of the movie at 6 and dinner afterward
Did not look at the E-Pass which showed the mom being 40 minutes away from home at 5:53
Could not verify that the property being sold at the yard sale was Marilyn's
Lack of physical evidence presented against her
Recommendations for the Case
Justifiable homicide:
father abused children
mother stood aside and watched
Speedy Trial
using a speedy trial forced the prosecutors to drop charges that did not have enough evidence to back it up
the suicide note " we had a part in Mother's leaving"
Suicide notes
Marilyn Kananen's House
garage where Richard Kananen was found
Relation to the Class
This book did not really relate to the class material
was written from a more personal perspective
did not have much to do with the investigation
talked more about the case and the troubles it caused her
Recommendations for the Book
The book is interesting but very unorganized and presents itself only as a personal experience
Not Guilty Verdict: March 12, 2010
Ricke, M. (2013). Victims' right to a speedy trial: shortcomings, improvements, and alternatives to legislative protection. Washington University Journal Of Law & Policy, 181.

Stretson, S. (2014). The Fifth Amendment Protects Against Self-Incrimination

Gillespie, C. K. (1989). Justifiable Homicide: Battered Women, Self Defense, and the Law
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