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How Nike Changed the World

No description

Monica Monteiro

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of How Nike Changed the World

How Changed the "If you have a body, you are an athlete" The History of Nike Bill Bowerman, a nationally respected track coach and athlete, was constantly trying to improve the proformance of himself and his fellow runners. Phil Knight, a dedicated runner for Bowerman, wrote a paper at Stanford University pushing for a new company in athletics that would compete with the more established German brands. In 1950, Knight took a chance... He persuaded the manufacturer of Tiger shoes to make Knight a distributor of Tiger shoes in the US When Knight tried to sell the sneakers to his coach ... Bowerman proposed that they would become partners and provide their footwear designs to Tiger. By 1960, the duo became Blue Ribbon Sports The small company, who sold their sneakers out of their trunk, was constanly improving the Tiger sneakers 1971: Nike is born Carolyn Davidson Designed the famous Nike symbol known as "The Swoosh" The company debuts its footwear line in 1972 First endorsment: Steve Prefontaine The "Sole" of Nike 1980's: Nike Air Technoloy is a great success Michael Jordon endorsment, creation of AirMax sneakers Just Do It slogan created 1990's: Expand Nike Golf and Soccer Lance Armstrong endorsment Nike was the only company to support Lance through his cancer treatment, the world was in shock when he after his recovery, he won the Tour de' France Tiger Woods endorsment - 1996 Other athletic companies laughed when Nike found this young golfer, they did not know that he would become one of the best golfers in the world A symbol that is now worth billions was sold to Nike for $23 dollars! 2000's: Nike's creation of the NikeShox sneaker put the company on the top of the market They picked Nike becuase it is a greek word that means victory Nike originated in Oregon and the headquarters are currently located in Beaverton, OR Nike is manufactured everywhere around the world except Northern Asia/Russia and the majority of Africa Throughout the world, Nike gives equal opportunity to both men and women in their factories Employment in the US is very diverse Most employees come from Asia # of employees have increasd from 2006 to 2009 Most of the materials needed to produce the Nike goods come from Asia Nike in Our Society Designing Nike sneakers is considered a form of art One of the first Air Jordan commercials A modern Just Do It commercial, staring
some of the top athletes of the world This image is from the movie "Like Mike", an aspiring basketball player finds Michael Jordans Air Jordan sneakers and becomes an all-star basketball player In Movies ... Community Nike sponsors many sports teams, not only professionally but college and high school and club teams also Nike sponsors Lance Armstrong and his LIVESTRONG organization Nike sponsors many events, mostly athletic events. Back to the Future
Do the Right Thing
Fantastic Four
Forrest Gump
George of the Jungle
The Goonies
Gridiron Gang
He Got Game
Run Fatboy Run
Space Jam
Step Up 3D
Two and a Half Men
Van Wilder Including, but not limited to:
Tour de France
National Olympic Committee
Several Tennis Tournaments Nike promotes physicall fitness with their several Runnner's blogs, toning sneakers and Nike+ iPod Nike has joined with the (RED) organization,
supporting AIDS/HIV in Africa Nike is working to improve gender equality through the Nike Foundation NikeDonations
oraganizations can send donations requests to Nike
committed to donating a mininum of $315 million worth of products this year Economics From 2007 to 2010 sales where increasing, at 2010 sales decreases due to recession but sales started increasing again mid-way throughout the year During past ten years, the prices for Nike products have increased. During 2009, the prices dropped. Nike is available virtually everywhere in the whole world but it is a fairly expensive brand, therefore, many people around the world may not be able to afford it. Only 5% of Nike's total income goes to paying employees, the majority of the money is used to send manufactoring out to different countries to keep Nike products affordable. Nike targets athletes although it is used by everyone. People who want comforable clothing and footwear are the people who use Nike products.
Nike is specifically targeted towards the younger generation. They are targeted becuase they are the upcomming athletes and they will continue to buy Nike products throughout their lives. Civics Nike has been questioned about the working conditions in their factories Nike claims that the factories follow all mininum wage rates and child labor laws BUT ... that is NOT the case Michael Moore, a political activist, confronted Phil Knight about this problem. Phil Knight refused to go observe the factories, he claimed that he had never seen them. Two girls from Cambodia spoke to BBC press, they said that they were actually 13 but had to lie about their age so they could work. They work seven days a week and up to sixteen hours a day. These suspsions have lead many people to boycot Nike products Future Impact Our prediction is that Nike will continue to be a super power in the athelic industry. Nike is continusously changing and updating their products to give consumer the possible product that will enhance their athletic abilties. Nike will last because it is an old company that continues to
re-invent themselves numerous times to make the consumer happy Nike products will always be wanted because people want to be athletic and physically fit. Athletes who play sports will want equipment and want to be endorsed by the best company possible.
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