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Prezi-mé of Brian Boyko

Prezi-mé of Brian Boyko

Brian Boyko

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Prezi-mé of Brian Boyko

Prezi-mé of
Brian Boyko Sorry about the horrible pun. Basic Things. New Media Communications Specialist at NetQoS (now a
divison of CA,) where I edit blogs and produce and direct viral videos.

Worked at HardOCP evaluating computers and operating systems.

M.A. in Journalism focusing on blogs and new media Write and direct video for

Video subjects include:
A Tesla coil rock band,
a trebuchet maker, a
three-story tall robot
called "Ponginator"
and a Volvo covered
in 200 singing fish.

I play video games, watch
genre television - via the
Internet - and yes, I play D&D. "comfortable in ... live meetings
to get your message across." Ten years experience as an improv comedian. (Stage Fright is not an issue.)

Experience getting hard-to-find people to open up and talk on-record. (Fmr. Prime Ministers of NZ Jenny Shipley, Jim Bolger, and Sir Geoffrey Palmer, Detective Mark Lounsbury [who was involved in a controversial case at the time], Vint Cerf, Rob Malda, Bruce Schneier, and Adam Savage of the Mythbusters.) "a living, breathing monument
to all things 'geek'" "Patient and a great instructor" "comfortable in using the web...
to get your message across." Explained the importance of a social media strategy to the (very conservative) "Happynews.com"

The person everyone comes to in the company if they need advice on new media, blogging, Web services, or videography.

Background as a tech reporter - good at giving people the information they need at a level they can comprehend without "dumbing down" important details.

Uses humor to keep people interested and attentive. Joined NetQoS in 2006. NetQoS was recently acquired by CA

Part of a team that earned #2 spot in Marketing Sherpa’s Viral Hall Of Fame 2007 for “NetCosm”

Got placements in Slashdot, BoingBoing, Fark, Dzone, Reddit, Techcrunch, HardOCP, Digg, USA Today, Computer World, Information Week, PC World, PBS, Huffington Post, and the Washington Post

Rapid Growth: 187k visitors over first 8 months

Consistent Readership: Over 3,000 RSS subscribers for a blog focused solely on network monitoring

Got a wrongfully convicted woman (Julie Amero) a new trial through in-depth investigation and reporting

Praise from Michael Coté at the Redmonk analyst firm and Paul McNamara, editor of Network World Accomplishments at NetQoS Things I've Done and Things I'm Doing. Review of Dell XPS 400 picked up by Slashdot.com and business section front page of Houston Chronicle.

Coverage of the Dell XPS 400 led to industry-wide improvements in computer review methodology. Previously, reviewers used systems provided by PC makers. The XPS uniformely got a high score. I used an XPS off the retail shelf, to show the real customer experience.

Dell XPS 400 article single-handedly increased monthly readership 25%, from 750k/mo. to 1M/mo.

Wrote a 30,000+ word series on Linux, Vista, & Mac called "30 Days," and all three operating system articles were picked up by Slashdot and the front page of Digg

Coverage of Ubuntu Linux (the first article in the operating system series) led to an interview by the New York Times TechTalk Podcast. Accomplishments at HardOCP Created series of short documentary videos covering the 2007 and 2008 Austin Maker Faire (a collection of mad scientists and their inventions) for GeeksAreSexy.net. These videos earned a combined total of over 250,000 views on YouTube, including one which landed on Fark.com’s front page and another one with over 100,000 views which was a YouTube Featured video.

Traveled to New Zealand to research a book and shoot a documentary on NZ's 1990s electoral reforms, where I interviewed three prime ministers, multiple party leaders and controversial figures.

Landed a side-job position as a Field Producer on a project in Buenos Aires and New York City. Other Accomplishments Things About Prezi I Noticed Things Prezi Rocks At Prezi Just Plain Looks Cool.

Prezi is easy to comprehend if you see it.

Anyone who uses Prezi, by the nature of Prezi, becomes a Prezivangelist.

Jack Dorsey's support gives Prezi clout.

New Media Strategy is working, with placements in TechCrunch and LifeHacker, etc.

We can out-manuever and out-develop the market leader, MS PowerPoint. Things To Watch Out For Apple Keynote: Not as cool as Prezi, but "cool enough" and familiar.

Microsoft is coming out with "PPTPlex" which is extremely similar to Prezi.

Small user-base.

Little public awareness. Things Prezi Has Going For It Prezi is good. PowerPoint is fast. The two programs are not mutually exclusive purchases.

Prezi can integrate other Cloud apps more easily than a desktop application could. Things Prezi Could Do Better Things Prezi could improve its UI.

Too much left-brain/right-brain switching: Prezi has great presentation ability but poor thought organization ability.

Content tied to form: No way to switch out new data on an old prezi, or, other than theming, use a new prezi on old data.

Too much time for most presentations: People on a deadline will choose PowerPoint or Keynote, Prezi just takes too long in comparison.

No incorporation of other Web 2.0 technologies (like Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, RSS) Things Prezi Could Try Prezi could find, solicit, or create compelling Prezi presentations on all sorts of interesting topics.

Prezi is like RCA selling the Television in the 1940s. We've got an interesting medium; but what people want are the messages that go through that medium.

If Prezi can get compelling speakers creating compelling Prezi presentations, it will establish that the most interesting speakers with the most compelling information choose to present that information with Prezi, and that Prezi makes an impression that an audience will remember and makes information easy to comprehend.

Another tactic would be to use Prezi for more than just things thought of as typical "Presentations." Photo albums, video comedy sketches, and, perhaps later, audiovisual slideshows are all fun things that you don't think of when you think of "PowerPoint."

Prezi could use it's blog to present interesting public Prezis and highlight videos using Prezi. And until Prezi has the userbase to support it, Prezi should make the presentations themselves, in order to show the varied types of information you can put out with Prezi - things like webcomics, or Harper's Index using visual size to hammer home size differences. Things That Make Me Want To Work At Prezi A Compelling Presentation
Needs Compelling Content Compelling Content
Needs A Compelling Presentation Show Prezi in use with speakers in YouTube videos, so people can see how they can use Prezi in live presentations.

Use Prezi at trade shows. Anyone at a trade show, by definition, has to make a presentation.

Volunteer to companies making presentations at trade shows that -you'll- create a free Prezi for them from their PowerPoint slides IF they use it at the trade show. It's a really neat challenge.
(I love challenges!) You've got a cool product.
(I love cool products!) It's an awesome learning opportunity.
(I love learning new things!) San Francisco is a strange and weird place.
(I AM strange and weird!) I'll probably get to travel a bunch.
(I love travel!) Zorbing in Rotorua, NZ Brian Boyko with Chris Trew
in "Conspiracy Butter" Fmr. Prime Minister Jim Bolger Network Performance Daily The Daily Texan Mongo the Trebuchet brian.boyko@gmail.com
512-402-8617 c'mon, how could you not hire
a face like that? Thank you for your time!
Hope to see you soon! Since we last talked I've spent six months overseas, fulfilling a life-long dream to work in New Zealand
I've returned to the United States looking for work.
I've started freelancing for Business Laboratories, Blue Fish Development Group, and LifeSize.
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