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Calvin Klein Advertising Strategy

No description

Alie Romano

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Calvin Klein Advertising Strategy

Calvin Klein Advertising Strategy
"Minimalist all-American designs"
- Calvin Klein establishes Calvin Klein, Ltd. with friend Barry Schwartz who loaned him $10,000 to start the business
- Klein sets up a makeshift showroom in the York Hotel in New York
Mildred Custin places $50,000 order
Ads appear in the NY Times
End of '68 Klein sees $1M in sales
- Expanded collection to sportswear, blazers, and lingerie
Company net worth increased dramatically
- Introduced extremely successful Calvin Klein underwear line and introduced fragrances
- Owned by apparel company PVH Corp.
Main competitors: Donna Karan International, Ralph Lauren, and Tommy Hilfiger
Brands: Calvin Klein Collection, Calvin Klein platinum label, Calvin Klein white label, Calvin Klein Jeans, Calvin Klein Underwear
Brief Company Overview
Calvin Klein has since introduced 84 fragrances to the marketplace, including the groundbreaking unisex scent "CK One" in 1994. All of the CK perfume and cologne brands have both been critically-acclaimed by fashion journalists and experts, and continue to be extremely popular with the general public.
Calvin Klein Fragrance
Calvin Klein Sunglasses
Calvin Klein Underwear
The CK 3118/S 001 B
Suitable for the businessman or corky individual
Black frame color, grey lens color
Oval frame shape with a full rimmed sunglass made of acetate material
100% ultra violet radiation protected
Calvin Klein has three popular styles of sunglasses:
Ck introduced his first fragrance, "Calvin", in 1981.
Superbowl 2013 Underwear Advertisement
Calvin Klein Vintage Eyewear Advertisements
Paulina Rechy
Cara Regan
Alie Romano
Kristen Ross
Elissa Schaeffer

Launched first collection of jeans in the 1970's featuring Brooke Shields
Considered original "designer jeans"
Calvin Klein Jeans started becoming very popular during the 1980's
Ad campaigns started out being wholesome, sexy, and practical but became increasingly over sexualized and the ads were deemed "kiddie porn"
Often use celebrities of the moment to promote jeans
Ex. 1990's Kate Moss and Marky Mark
Calvin Klein Jeans
Famous Campaigns
In 1980, a 15-year-old Brooke Shields announced in an ad that nothing came between her and her Calvin Kleins.
In 1992, rapper Marky Mark and Kate Moss appeared on billboards and bus shelters for Calvin Klein. The photographs by Herb Ritts featured a topless Moss and ripped Mark, reflected a move towards street culture by the brand.
Calvin Klein 2014 Ad for White Label
Eternity, 1997:
Today, CK's three major fragrances are "Obsession", "Eternity", and "Escape". They all became huge success stories and have been promoted in part by the shock value of their advertising.
Eternity Aqua, 2013:
Featured model-activist Christy Turlington Burns.
"Inspired by the brand's signature and provocative imagery, the multimillion-dollar campaign will be comprised of a mix of print, digital, and outdoor advertising timed to coincide with September magazine issues."
Represents the "modern, sensual, and sophisticated aesthetic for which the brand is known".
Fall 2013 Underwear Advertising Campaign
Calvin Klein Current Eyewear Advertisements
2013 Ck Campaign
Design and color
Depicts elegance, glamour, class, versatility, and style
Numerous designs with innovative frames
Incorporate both peculiar and sophisticated frames
Posess a wide range and variety of colors
Huge and sturdy sunglasses
Several new statement colors have been added such as: basic white, fucsia, and coral
Gold, infused colors of green, black layered with teal, or lime green has now been included in their brand
CK offers a large number of sunglasses designed with all styles and features to accomodate every personality
All Calvin Klein sunglasses are UV protected and provided light filters or metal protection designed according to the modern technology
The CK 3118/S 225 E
Fuscia frame color, oval frame shape
Frame is made of acetate material, while the lens is made of polycarbonate material
Made in Italy and obtain 100% ultra violet radiation protection
The CK 3118/S 057 B

Unisex and reasonably priced: range from $126 and up
Style incorporates old vintage Calvin Klein features
Green frame color, oval frame shape
Kate Moss for Calvin Klein Eyewear, Spring 1997
Calvin Klein Eyewear, 1987
Natalia Vodianova for Calvin Klein Eyewear, Spring/Summer 2005
The ad introduces Calvin Klein Concept's new 360degree Seamless underwear.
Commercial starrs Matthew Terry, a personal trainer from Pennsylvania that was discovered in 2011 after being named co-winner of the VMAN/Ford Model Search.
Calvin Klein's Social Media Strategy
In mid-March 2014, Calvin Klein Underwear created a multiplatform "show yours #mycalvins" campaign, which has been gaining viral traction on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
Celebrities such as Miranda Kerr, Trey Songz, and Fergie have chosen to participate.
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