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How to Read Literature Like a Professor

Act of Vampires Chapter 3

Srinidhi Emkay

on 13 October 2013

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Transcript of How to Read Literature Like a Professor

How to Read Literature Like a Professor Chapter 3
Nice to Eat You: Acts of A Vampire By: Srinidhi Emkay,
Mark Welchman What is this chapter about? Dark Villainous Characters and their allusions
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
And other Victorian Villains Vampires & Other Villains Dracula
Alluring, Dangerous, Old, but "sexy"
Targets young unmarried girls
and leaves a mark on them
Victims are doomed to follow in his sins Respectable Man but his dark side show shows the dual nature of humans Dr. Jekyll If he just is to allude to something what is it? Hamlet's Father Tries to tell the readers something is wrong in the household Marley's Ghost To give moral lessons Why they are used Why are monsters used? To talk about taboo subjects through subliminal texts SEX Other touchy subjects Ghost in
The Turn of the Screw 2 sides to the story the ghost's and the governess What if there is no Vampire There is always one Daisy Miller (1878) Winterbourne & Daisy Reminder Ghosts and Vampires are never just ghost and vampires SEX
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