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Assessment Literacy vs. Data Literacy

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Raquel Maya

on 21 July 2014

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Transcript of Assessment Literacy vs. Data Literacy

Assessment Literacy vs. Data Literacy

How do I define assessment literacy?
Understanding that there are multiple ways to assess a student's understanding of a standard.

Being able to incorporate multiple forms of assessment in the classroom.

Knowing how to create a check for understanding that will accurately assess whether a student has met the objective taught.
Understanding that data are information that I can use to better service a student.

Being able to identify what kind of information should be gathered.

The ability to analyze data gathered to help make an informed decision about instruction.

Knowing how to translate data into actionable items and how to explain the data to the involved parties.
How do teachers at my school show
assessment literacy?
Evaluating and modifying pre-made assessment items before incorporating them into the classroom.

Predicting student performance on interim assessment based on rigor and question type.

Collaborating to create exit tickets, independent practice activities, summative assessments and performance-based assessments .
How do I define data literacy?
How do teachers at my school show data literacy?
Are assessment literacy and data literacy really all that different?
Both data and assessment literacy are critical components of being an effective teacher.

Assessment literacy is a component of data literacy.

Teachers have to be data literate in order to understand how assessment literacy fits in with instruction.

Many teachers have been displaying both data literacy and assessment literacy, but may not know their technical terms.
Hold weekly grade level data meetings to look at a pre-identified piece of student work.
Norm and identify exemplar work
Identify levels of proficiency
Create student groups
Plan modified and differentiated instruction
Create post-assessment to check student progress

Communicate student progress to families using visuals.

Create and plan reading intervention groups across grade levels.

Use action planning to re-teach standards based on student performance following interim assessments.
Raquel Maya Carson, 2nd Grade Teacher, DC Public Schools
Teacher Fellow, Data Quality Campaign
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