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Trello: Streamlining your Project Management

Detailing why Trello is useful and how to get the most out of it.

Joseph Pakenham

on 15 February 2017

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Transcript of Trello: Streamlining your Project Management

What to take away
Get signed up and start a board
Sign up for a free account at www.trello.com/signup

Choose a username (you will use this for logging in and for people to find you, so don't be obscure)

Create your first board and give it a name
Customising your board
It's best to start with three columns, so that you can create a flow across your board
To do
If you have your own processes already, map them to the board
Adding cards (tasks)
Columns are worthless without cards

Cards represent discrete pieces of work and should have a clear name

You should make a separate card for each discrete piece of work you do, so that you can work it through the columns (it feels good to move into "Done"...)
Prioritise your board
Click and drag the cards into the order they need to be delivered

This helps you concentrate on what work you really need to do - it will be at the top of the list
Invite your colleagues
If you are enjoying Trello then why not invite your colleagues, friends and family to join (I organised my wedding using Trello!)

For everyone who signs up with your link, you get a free month of Trello Gold which unlocks some cool, but not essential additional features
Trello: Streamlining your Task Management
@JosephPakenham - February 2017
Why Trello?
How to Trello
Visualise your work
Trello works by helping you keep on track of your commitments

In order to keep track, you need to know what you are doing, and you need to know what the rest of your team is doing

Visualising work can help you spot bottlenecks in your processes, and help you identify where you can improve
Prioritise your work
Trello works by helping you prioritise your commitments and therefore prioritise your time

In order prioritise, you need to know what you are doing, and you need to know what the rest of your team is doing (that's why you visualise!)

Prioritising work helps you stay on the critical path and deliver the most important work first, getting benefits to those who need it
Save time (and stress)
Trello works by sharing visibility of task and the work itself between team members

You can easily see who is working on what, avoiding the need for unnecessary telephone calls or meetings

You can send messages and notify people through Trello, reducing email traffic and especially useful for
remote teams
Trello ultimately works by making you more efficient

By understanding all of the work you have on (visualisation), knowing which order to complete it (prioritisation) and sharing the work between your team (collaboration) you should feel on top of your workload and less stressed
Members and labels
If you are sharing your board with your team you should add who is responsible to the card (this can be more than one person)
Adding card details
After you've added your card you now need to populate it, so that you and others know what it is

Start with the description and include your success criteria (perhaps as a checklist) so you know when you've finished
Using the board
As you work on, and complete tasks, you should update your board accordingly

Keeping it up to date is as easy as dragging the card from one column to the next

When you are finished with a card for good, you can Archive it from the card's details page
Download the app
If you really enjoy using Trello, why not download the free app? It's available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store

You can receive notifications of deadlines, comments and changes (and turn them off!)
Adding deadlines is a good way to manage tasks with a due date

You can also use them as reminders, as you receive notifications when they are approaching

Deadlines are easily viewable from the board overview
If your board is going to grow, you may want to add labels so you can categorise different tasks
Comments are the best way of communicating with your team via Trello

@username to send your colleague a notification

They will receive a notification and email with the message
A great way to keep in touch with Trello is through notifications

You will receive a notification when the following things happen

You are @mentioned on a card
You are added to a board
A deadline is close, or passed
A card you are subscribed to is updated

Notifications appear on the card, the "Bell" in the top right, and via email (plus on any mobile apps)
Trello is perfect for keeping on top of your projects and everyday tasks

You do need discipline to use it at first, and keep checking it (till you get addicted)

Trello makes working with disperse teams much easier

Use Trello with Chrome, not Internet Explorer

Signing up is free (trello.com) - invite all your colleagues!
Get professional with extensions
Now you've mastered Trello, make it work for you.

Install "Card color title for Trello" from the Chrome extension store to see at-a-glance what those categories mean

Get "Scrum for Trello" to add estimated and actual sizing points to your cards - helping you prioritise work
Advancing with Trello
Allow desktop notifications
Desktop notifications through Google Chrome allow you to keep up to date with Trello without having to have it open

Using Chrome (as always!) expand the notification menu and select "Allow Desktop Notifications"

Confirm with Chrome and you're set to go!

Never miss another important update.
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