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The Nazca Lines

No description

Kate Munday

on 17 September 2015

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Transcript of The Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines don't necessarily point to anything on the geographical or celestial horizon, but instead leads to places where rituals were held and performed to obtain water and fertilize crops. The lines and trapezoids due to discoveries and research are in relation to water
In the region of the Nazca Lines, rain fall per year is 20minutes. Which is why the people perform rituals to obtain water.

The Everyday Life of The Ancient Incas~Dr David M Jones.
Visitors from the stars visited, then left to never return,leaving the people confused, they drew lines, figures and trapezoids to try and call back the gods/visitors. With many lines that crisscross the
plains. It resembles a modern airport, drawn as a convenience for the visitors to land their ships.
Animal symbolism is found throughout the majority of the figures resemble an asking.
The spiders are trusted to be a sign of rain, the hummingbird resembles fertilization and the monkey, found in jungles, an area with an abundance or water.
It has been proven that the desert floor isn't suitable for landing or any kind
South of the Nazca Lines, archeologist have uncovered the lost city of the line builders, Cahuachi. It was built 2000 years ago and 500 years later abandoned
The first piece of evidence is a series of dates based on ceramic and wood remains, which were left at the scene of the Nazca Lines, by the Nazca people. It has been claimed that the Nazca people.
The second piece of evidence is the resemblance of the Nazca Geoglyphs, which are found on Nazca pottery.
There are two types of Nazca drawings; the Biomorphs; the forms of animals and plants.
The Geoglyphs; the lines and trapezes.
By Chelsea
Although there has only been temporary theories stated, I believe that the lines and figures were made to plead the gods for water and fertilization for crops as this theory is more realistic and believable. The theory of the lines and figures being drawn to contact other beings would be more exciting to believe but with very few evidence to back it up, it seems impossible

With such little archeological evidence to back up any theory, they are still just predictions of what could have been the meaning and the cause of these lines and figures being drawn and created
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