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Labor Management Fundamentals

No description

Dean Smith

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of Labor Management Fundamentals

How Do We Become More Productive? What is the difference? To become “Effective” and “Efficient”
Manage labor to sales
Establish and manage a SPLH target for efficiency , productivity and guest satisfaction
Doesn’t always mean cutting labor
To become knowledgeable in the techniques of productivity analysis
Manage labor daily/weekly with the Labor Scheduling Tool Labor Productivity
Labor Management Fundamentals Overview Workforce Management Technology Enabler Procedures
Tools Standards Process Measurable Results Labor Management Approach WEEKLY
Review trend data on performance management dashboard and labor productivity dashboard
Engage District Manager for variance explanations, focusing on labor management processes:
Are they populating Labor Tracker Web?
Are they creating weekly action plans for improvement?
Is the District Manager validating that the action plans are being implemented?
Is the District Manager working on monthly continual improvement plans?
Is the District Manager ensuring action plan implementation?
Has a performance development plan been made available to managers / associates exhibiting behaviors that need to be modified to improve performance?
Engage DM in monthly continual improvement planning, and request monthly action plans from DMs
Validate action plan implementation WEEKLY
Review Labor Tracker Web for profit center process adherence
Focus on productivity metrics per labor hour for variance
Engage Front Line Managers in continuous improvement planning for negatively trending locations
Request weekly action plans from Front Line Managers for negatively trending locations
Validate action plan implementation at the location level
Engage Front Line Managers in monthly continual improvement plan
Request monthly action plans from Front Line Managers
Validate action plan implementation DAILY
Assess business volume / adjust schedule
Time card edits
Review early ins, late outs, meal breaks, approaching overtime
Implement action plan for performance improvement
Forecast business volume per day for upcoming week
Determine allowable hours by day for the upcoming week
Schedule allowable hours by day
Update Labor Tracker Web for upcoming week
Post closing week sales and actual hours to Labor Tracker Web
Develop action plan for performance improvement
Develop monthly action plan for continual improvement Activities To Optimize Labor
Productivity & Sustain Results 10 Labor Management: Piecing it together Verify Financial Efficiency
Verify Compliance
Analyze Opportunities
Course Correct
Continuous Improvement Operate Business
Efficiently Manage Labor
Ensure Compliance Identify Shifts
Project Sales
Identify/schedule Required Skills Labor Management Fundamentals Manage Schedule Forecast Improve Identify Needs
Determine Hours
Right Skills How Will These Changes Benefit You ‘On The Job’? Coming Soon Coming Soon Continuous Improvement Planning Quality Assurance
Self-Assessments Adjust Schedule In-week Revisit Forecasts / Labor Needs Labor Waste is Recorded Monitor Adherence / Restrict Punches Actively Adjust Intra-day Pay-to-Punch Assess Results;
Correct / Improve Schedule vs.
Allowable Hours Forecast Volume & Allowable Hours Define Labor Requirements / Build Baseline Schedule Template STAFF MANAGE
(the Schedule) MANAGE
TALENT IMPROVE SCHEDULE FORECAST Foundational Weekly Monthly Daily Labor Management Fundamentals:
What you need to do Increase results with the same number of employees working the same number of hours.
Maintain results with fewer employees working fewer hours. Efficient

Accomplishing a task or process using minimum resources: Doing things the “Right Way”


Accomplishing tasks that get the desired results: Doing the “Right Things”

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