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"I AM" presentation

Peggy Shen / Lemaster / P3

Peggy Shen

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of "I AM" presentation


I AM ...
My name is Peggy and I am currently thirteen years old. I was born on September 26 in the year 2002. For most of my childhood up until fifth grade, I lived in Wisconsin, and then moved to San Diego, California. I currently go to Oak Valley Middle School as an eighth grader.

I am the astrological sign Libra, which supposedly means that I am romantic and charming, but also indecisive and unreliable. I wouldn't describe myself that way, though, and I doubt others would either.

I've jumped around to many things: soccer, piano, ice skating, flute, and gymnastics, and while I do admit I liked all of those things, I've only really stuck with art. Besides art, though, I also am bilingual. I speak English and Chinese, and I'm also starting to learn Spanish. And I've always loved reading--I get lost in books easily, and will read anything and everything set in front of me.
My immediate family consists of my mom, dad, and me. I also have a turtle, which, unfortunately, I never bothered to name. (I used to have three baby turtles, given to me by a friend, but that's another story.)

Unlike many people, I have no siblings, and I am totally fine with keeping it that way. I do have three cousins, though - although we don't get to see each other a lot, I know that they've all gone far. Two of my cousins now live in Frankfurt, Germany. Another is graduating from UCLA next summer.

Even with relatives all over, my roots will always be from China. I usually get to visit my grandparents, aunts
and uncles over the summer. But in all honesty, it's hard to keep track of my family. I still get confused of my relationship with some of them - in fact, I am actually an aunt, though I didn't realize it until last year!
I am ABC - an American-born Chinese. My parents both grew up in China, my mom from Xiangtan and my dad from Wuhan. I was born, instead, in America. Our family speaks both English and Chinese, as I stated before, and that makes me bilingual.

Some unique things about my culture include Chinese astrology and the Chinese calendar. Our astrology is a rotating cycle of 12 animals in 12 different years, instead of the usual 12 months every year. Our calendar is also different - it's lunisolar, meaning the dates on it are affected by moon phases and solar cycles.

My culture also has many different traditions and customs. Some of the main holidays in China are the Spring Festival, which occurs on Februrary 19th next year, the Midautumn Festival, which has just occurred on September 27th, and the May Day, which occurs on May 1st every year. These holidays reflect one of the oldest cultures in the world.
'Goals'. It's a topic most of us have thought about at one point or another. What you want to accomplish, who you want to be, where you will be in the future and what you can do to get there. There's a decent amount of pressure put into humans thinking about it too.

I'll be honest. I'm still unsure yet. What will I be in the future? How I will be that person? I don't know. But I'm looking every day and finding new interests, new goals. Art, for example, is a pretty big part of my life. I love creating drawings and painting. People are also a huge part of my life. I'm interested in the way people work, how they think and act. Maybe some of the interests I have could someday become my future. Maybe they won't be.

I'm sure there's something out there right for me, even if I haven't found it yet.

Taken on a vacation to the mountains a few years ago. I'm not sure where and when exactly, all I know is that it was really pretty.
I have tried out many activities throughout my life, including dance, piano, gymnastics, ice skating, and more. The more I look back, the more I have realized how many things I've learned from activities such as those.

Currently, I'm taking tennis lessons. However, I'm nowhere near good at the sport, having only started it during the summer. But it's enjoyable, and I get the exercise.

Another activity I have always been doing - art. I've always loved drawing, I've always loved the amazed expressions people get when they see me draw or when they compliment something I've been doodling. I feel proud of myself, too, once I've taken a step back out of my world and looked at a finished painting or drawing. I still have a lot to learn in the subject, but I'll always be enthusiastic about it. I take classes twice a week; once for oil painting, another for sketching, and love both.

One more hobby I love is writing. Although I don't share my writing very much, I can't go a day without writing down some thoughts or ideas. It's possible I started liking writing through reading, as I've always loved to read and always thought about making a book myself, which got me into writing.
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