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Mackenzie Mofford

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Wiccan

Place Of Origin
The Wiccan religion began in the early 1900's with secret covens in England

These covens based their religin off of witch-cult practices they'd read and heard about.
The Founder
of Wicca Religion
Key Beliefs
Wiccans don't believe in Satan because it is a christian made belief. However do believe in an underworld, which is just a place for the dead not necessarily a bad place.

Wiccans also have 3 major beliefs/laws including;
"the wiccan rede"
"the law of return"
and "the eithic of self-responsibility"

Key Practices, rituals and ceremonies
Thirty thousand years ago evidence was found in the form of cave paintings
that proves for certain people witchcraft was a key aspect of their life. There are cave paintings that depict a star with eleven people as well as a pregnant woman standing inside the star with a deer headed man beside it.
It is said that Wicca did not officially become a religion up until the 1900's.
Religious Text

Later on, groups of people that called themselves 'witch-hunters' were formed

witch hunting took place throughout Europe and the american colonies

these groups believed wiccans took part in acts such as worshiping the devil and child cannabolism

40,000-100,000 people were killed by witch hunters.
The Wiccan religion was founded by a man named Gerald Gardner in the mid 20th century

Gerald was known as the father of modern witchcraft

He published two books incorporating his beliefs

Many of Gardners practices are rooted in the ceremonial magic of his contemporaries

Eventually new members began to join and follow the practices. All of these practices were put together under the term "witchcraft" which became synonymous with wicca.
Wiccans try to meet outdoors where temperatures make it possible.

They gather in a cirlcle 9 feet wide with candles on the outside marking the 4 cardinal directions. Aswell as placing an alter at the northern end of the circle.

Each quarter of the circle represents one of the elements.

Rites begin with the outlining and purifying of the circle, and the candles being lit.

Impact/Influence on world & other Religions
Both the wiccan and satanism religions use a form of the pentagrams however when satanists use the symbol it is inverted.

Wiccans tend to focus more on harmony and balance whereas satanists focus more on self-liberation.

Wiccans are often compared to being witches and therefore often have a negative view upon them.
Sacred Faith Days
Imbolc- Feb 2nd
Beltaine- April 30th
Lughnasadh- August 1st
Samhain- October 31st
Yule-December 1st (winter solstice)
Ostara-March 21st(spring equinox)
Summer solstice- June 21st
Fall equinox - September 21st
The pentagram is used as protection against evil.
Each point represents an element.
The crescent moon is a symbol of their God/Goddess
The ankh is an egyptian cross like symbol with a loop at the top.
Associated with the worship of Isis (one of the wiccans said Gods)
Crystals are believed to have healing and spiritual properties
Jade and Alessia
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