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Barney- Will Stanton

No description

kelly mai

on 7 March 2018

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Transcript of Barney- Will Stanton

Will Stanton
Point of view
The scientist is the narrator
point in view is first person
Writers choice of view influences the reader
The setting of the short story is a desolate island
Takes place from August 30th to September 11th
Shelsea J, Angelica F, Kelly M
Barney- Will Stanton

Born October 16, 1918
Died December 31, 1996
Grew up/ took part in the second world war.
At age 15 his mother passed away, leaving his father to raise all 4 sons.
WW2 and the Great Depression made him value his upbringing and family.
"Barney" relates to will because people shouldn't take their life for granted like the scientist did in the story by staying alone on a desolate island and doing experiments on Barney.
Book genre typically is humorous, comedic.

Dynamic character
Static character
Flat character
Plot Structure
Characters are introduced
Barney's intelligence increases throughout the scientist
Barney traps the scientist in the old well
Barney is now alone on the island and has defeated the scientist
Barney writes the last entry at the end of the short story

Man vs Animal
Don't underestimate people/animal
The scientist underestimated Barney and he did not realize that he was getting smarter
Significant quotations
“he has become interested in my library, dragging the books from the shelves, and going over them page by page.”
“If anybody reads this please do not disturb anything on the island but leeve it like it is as a shryn to Barney, especially the old well.”
“We are alone on the island now, Barney and I. It was something of a jolt to have to sack Tayloe after all these years but i had no alternative. The petter vandalisms i could have forgiven, but when he tried to poison Barney out of simple malice he was standing in the way of scientific progress”
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