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Health Care

Dylan's Prezi

Dylan Berry

on 20 May 2010

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Transcript of Health Care

Abolish Health Care No health care programs in the US If you need medical assistance you would have to ethier pay a large payment to private centers or be flown to China by your health care plan. Will provide airfare and assistance for chinese health care. US and China will sign a huge health care agreement. Everyone would be able to recieve health care from China Would have private Urgent Cares for extreme emergencies. Private Medical Centers would be the only Medicare available in the USA. Chinese Healthcare
managingthedragon.com/.../china_healthcare.jpg Asian Doctor Statue
www.adamdanielmezei.com/uploads/AsiaHealthCar e Hainan Airlines
www.capitaleritrea.com/.../Hainan-Airlines1.jpg Treaty Signing
http://www.acus.org/new_atlanticist/us-china strategic-economic-dialogue Private Health Care

Less Money Spent by the US Governement
Another problem that we don't have to deal with in the US
Cut Goverment spending and money could be used elsewhere
Congress could focus more on passing legislation that is importatnt
Not immediate healthcare
More deaths in the United States
Economy could sufer because the whole health care industry would not be here
Colleges would lose money because no one is becoming doctors. Dylan Berry
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