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Allstars 2014-2015

on 22 October 2014

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Transcript of Deers

adult white tail coats
A adult White Tail deer has a reddish brown coat in the summer.
That coat fades in winter to a duller grayish brown color.
Scared Deer
If a deer gets scared,it will make a sound out of its nose.It does that so it can warn the others if something dangerous is coming so they can get out of were they are.
Bluetoung dieses is one of the viruses a deer can get.
if one animal gets it,it can be spead to another animal.people found a dieses that cannot affect humans.the dieses was in the herd the deer was in.
that deer eventully died,and gave the dieses to the rest of the herd.
Their prediters
The prediters of a white-tailed deer,mostly young,
are hunted by bobcats.Also by mountain lions and
Girl deers, called does,have 1 to 3 babys at a time, usally in May or June, and after a period of 7 months.
Young deer have reddish brown coats with white spots that help them blend in with here they are.
Young Deer
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