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Chapter 9 - The Informative Speech

No description

Elsa Garcia

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of Chapter 9 - The Informative Speech

The Elements of Public Speaking
Chapter 9 - The Informative Speech
Prof. Elsa García
The Informative Speech
Vary Levels of Abstraction

High abstraction (very general).
Fruit; apples.
Low abstraction (very specific).
Red apples; Macintosh apples.
Speeches of Description
Speeches to describe an object, a person, event, or process.
Speeches of Definition
A definition is a Statement of the meaning of a term.
Speech of Demonstration
Show the audience how to do something.
Make Your Speech Easy to Remember

Repeat the points you want the audience to remember.
Use signposts.
Use internal summary transitions.
Pattern your messages.
Focus audience attention.
States what will be described in the speech.
The major subdivisions
of the thesis.
A variety of materials that amplify and support main ideas.
Helps guide the speech preparation process.
Organizing will help your audience
your speech.
Organizing will help your audience
your speech.
Organizing will help establish your
Speech of Definition
Statement of the meaning or significance of a concept or term.
Define similar and dissimilar terms.
Speech of Demonstration
Show the audience how something operates.
Special Occasion Speech
The Speech of Introduction
The Eulogy
The Speech of Presentation or Acceptance
The Toast
Points to Consider in Speech Observation:
Did the speaker gain attention at the start?

How effective was the introduction?

How does the speaker phrase the major points of the speech?

What examples did the speaker use?

Were the visual aids effective?

How successful was the speaker in involving you in the speech?

What will you remember from this speech?
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