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Fresh Business Thinking.com

No description

Prezi David Hooker

on 5 December 2018

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Transcript of Fresh Business Thinking.com

Partners & Advertisers
8% General Management
8% Financial Management
4% IT Management
3% Sales Management
2% Academia
1% Marketing Management
1% HR Management
1% Office Management
72% Senior Decision Maker
Job Function
26% Under £500,000 annual turnover
17% £500,000 - £1,000,000
4% £1,000,000 - £2,500,000
32% £2,500,000 - £5,000,000
9% £5,000,000 - £10,000,000
12% over £10,000,000
Employee Number
43% less than 10
36% 10 to 50
9% 50 to 100
9% 100 to 500
3% more than 500
72% of our audience are senior decision makers and a further 28% are managers which means that
your marketing message will be seen by the people and budget holders who count.
57% of our audience have more than 10 employees.
Companies with a higher number of staff will have a greater need for products and services throughout their workplaces.
57% of our audience’s businesses have a turnover of more than £1 million, which means that
your marketing message will be seen by the budget holders who count.
Fresh Business Thinking frequently communicates with an engaged audience of 30,000 opt-in UK SME directors via regular e-newsletters that focus on key disciplines when running a business.
E-newsletter editorial – thought leadership
Audience engagement
Fresh Business Thinking
e-newsletters contain 3 advertising placements, which promote brand recognition and drive readers to a specific landing page.
E-newsletter advertising – brand promotion
Audience engagement
Solus HTML emails are sent to our base of 30,000 opt-in recipients.

These emails engage with the reader by promoting a new service, business advice or event information.

The HTML coding is provided by the client, so the email can communicate the business' brand effectively and clearly.
HTML – lead generation
Audience engagement
A mix of advertising and editorial, native advertising is a very shareable form of sponsored content.

This content will fit the feel and brand of Fresh Business Thinking, cut clearly promote a product/service and have a prominent call to action.

This content can be written by the client, or by our in-house content powerhouse.
Native advertising – content marketing
Audience engagement
Fresh Business Thinking have an in-house production team that film and edit video content. This video content can be events, video interviews or client case-studies.

Fresh Business Thinking then hosts in on our video channel, and amplifies it via our Twitter following of over 38,000.
Video content – shareable content
Audience engagement
Fresh Business Thinking has an engaged Twitter following of 38,000+ followers and a LinkedIn Group of 1,200+. We encourage engagement by providing interesting and shareable content - including whitepapers, blogs and videos.
Social footprint – effective content sharing
Audience engagement
Fresh Business Thinking attracts between 60,000 and 80,000 unique visitors a month. These visitors are owners, directors and entrepreneurs.

The average dwell time is over 3 minutes, due to the engaging and relevant content that we produce.
Display advertising – product/event promotion
Audience engagement
Designed to help you generate maximum response and visibility to our entire opt-in audience of decision makers
It is an individual, bespoke email that ensures high impact with a target audience
It consists of 3 articles, an introduction, 1 advertisement and a logo, all supplied by the client, allowing the promotion of individual products and services
The advertiser provides content that is relevant and we will drive engagement with our audience
Special report - £3,500
Advertising options
Client provides the following; one thought-leadership article (that is hosted on Fresh Business Thinking and amplified via social media) a short introduction, logo and advert.
Fresh Business Thinking sources 2 other articles which match the theme of the article provided
Client receives full sign off
Client advert will be top position
E-Newsletter sponsorship - £2,000
Advertising options
Within each e-newsletter there are 3 advertising positions. Each position consists on an MPU and a link. E-newsletters are sent to our engaged database of 30,000 readers, and are ideal for driving traffic to your website or a specific landing page.

1 insertion for £750
4 insertions for £2,000
8 insertions for £3,000
16 insertions for £4,000
E-Newsletter advertising - £750+
Advertising options
Send out solus HTML emails to our base of 30,000 opt-in recipients. The emails have a reporting function. Fresh Business Thinking will provide you with contact details for any readers that click on the solus emails. This will provide you with a list of interested readers that can be contacted directly by you
Contact details will include name, position, email address, phone number and fax where provided. These will drive traffic to a relevant landing page
Solus HTML - £3,500
Advertising options
Advertiser can promote specific offerings (i.e. products or events) via Run of Site advertising. We accept Banners, Skyscrapers, Leaderboard and MPUs.
Display advertising - £15+
Advertising options
You will own all advertising formats within the chosen Sponsorship Channel on our site and be positioned as our official partner
You can promote specific offerings i.e. Product or Event
You will get a top position advert space - 468 x 60 banner, 50 words of text and a link
You will sponsor all relevant newsletters
Channel sponsorship - £3,000
Advertising options
A Native advertising homepage takeover involves the client having full use of one of the main blog boxes on the homepage. A mixture of content and advertising creative can be used
The client has the option to either write the copy themselves, or to brief our content team to write compelling, relevant and authoritive content
Native advertising - advertorial
Advertising options
Fresh Business Thinking can amplify any relevant and engaging content to our audience of 40,000+
This amplification can be regarding any specific products or events
Social Media is a fast and effective way of getting your message across to a wide but targeted audience
Social Media Amplification - optional & additional cost
Advertising options
We can film, host and produce a series of Q&A sessions. These will be marketed to our base of 30,000 opt-in SME directors withing e-newsletters, made available for your client and also amplified through social media channels.

These videos could include testimonials and case studies demonstrating your company as a thought leader.

NB - cost based on type of package
Video content - optional and additional cost
Advertising options
is an on-line resource for business owners, directors and entrepreneurs. It is where information-hungry and time-poor business decision makers can source information and advice to help them run their businesses more effectively and efficiently.

We have a huge amount of experience, knowledge and credibility in the UK SME market place. Fresh Business Thinking has been running for over five years to become one of the UK’s foremost champions of small business advice.
We have been responsible for delivering regular content to Reuters UK, The Institute of Directors, The Independent and also The Guardian.
Fresh Business Thinking

is a leading online resource for owners and directors running small to medium sized businesses in the UK.

Our business is supporting UK SMEs with best practice information
As a result of 5,000,000 visitors to our site since launch in 2007, we have a deep understanding of this broad business audience and what they are searching for online.

Using this intelligence we can position you as a supporter to UK SMEs via branded expert content, appropriate advertising and social media.
Our business is supporting UK SMEs with best practice information
• 60,000 – 80,000 unique monthly visitors
• 30,000 opt-in decision makers to daily e-newsletter
• Indexed for Google News
• 90% of site traffic via ‘search’

• Average dwell time in excess of 3 minutes
• Content providers to major B2B brands including Kingston Smith, British Gas Business, and Sage
• Social content providers to Dell UK
Key facts about us
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