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Group Communication

No description

Lauren Gomez

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Group Communication

By: Lauren Gomez
Amanda Grove Preview We will be going over
Group Norms
Group Roles
Types of Agitations
Group Dynamics
Discussion Formats
Characteristics of Group Discussion Group Norms -the unstated rules like what behavior is expected. Group Dynamics What affects group dynamic?
Member's Roles and Personalities
Interaction of Members
Group Purpose Group Roles Discussion Formats Private Group Discussion
Panel Discussion
Symposium Group Communication Two Types of Group Norms Prescribed Norms-A rule taught to new group members. Emergent Norms-Any norm that develops from the group members' personalities. Initiator This person gets the group started Facilitator Adds energy to the group Agitator Injects negativity into the group Types of Agitators Distractor Clown Non-Participant Complainer Critic Absentee Private Group Discussion round table discussion Panel Discussion group that discusses to a listening audience Symposium 4-6 people present short speeches and discuss ideas after. Audience can ask questions. 4 Characteristics of Group Discussion Interactive
Cooperative Review Two types of group norms are prescribed and emergent.
Group Roles are the initiator, facilitator, and agitator.
The types of agitators are a distractor, clown, non-participant, complainer, critic, and absentee.
Group dynamics are norms, members roles and personalities, interaction of members, and group purpose.
Discussion formats are private group discussion, panel discussion, and symposium.
4 characteristics of group discussion are interactive, focused, organized, and cooperative. http://vimeo.com/7957873
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