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Cracking the QR Code

Understanding the history and uses of QR codes will help JMG educate our clients and develop new marketing initiatives using these 2D bar codes.

Jackson Marketing

on 31 March 2011

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Transcript of Cracking the QR Code

Cracking the QR Code QR Code History QR Code Description Current Uses The Future of
QR Codes What does QR stand for? "Quick Response" The creator intended the contents to be decoded at high speeds. What exactly is it? Two-dimensional Contains info top to bottom left to right matrix bar code Where did they come from? by Toyota used these matrix codes in their manufacturing plant to track parts subsidiary Denso-Wave Created in Japan in 1994, fast-forward to 2011 Cleveland Museum of Art uses for promotions
(and special access to audio tours). Alpha Graphics, sponsors of the U.S. Sailing Team, imprinted a QR Code on the sail. The code resolves to the team's Facebook page. Marvel Studios used for access to movie trailers. bridge the analog and digital worlds some businesses are afraid of using the technology. There are a variety of QR Code readers created for Smartphone Operating Systems (OS). You choose a QR Code reader supported by your OS that suits your consumer needs. But that QR Code reader is limited to reading only those QR Codes developed for your OS/reader. Experts admit, there are still
some bugs to
be worked out... that's how our client Michelin Truck
implemented their first QR Code. Let's some other examples... However... QR Codes They appeared so suddenly... Having had this technology for more than 15 years, Japanese consumers are inundated by mobile advertising. And their QR Code applications are decades ahead of ours. Microsoft Tag and compete against newly created 2D bar code variations: Here's another future possibility: mobile tagging @ grocery stores Scan your veggie's 2d bar code And read details about the produce: where it was grown, when it was harvested, whether the farmer used pesticides, whether it's organic, and when it was placed on the grocery store's shelf. = Now that we've seen a snapshot of

The U.S. and Europe have some catching up to do. 1. Amount of data 2. Durability What makes two-dimensional (2d) better than the current one-dimensional (1d) barcodes? Many degrees of redundancy can be built into a 2d symbol leaving it readable after many rips and scratches A 1d symbol's parallel lines can be marked through with a pen, and the code is ruined. 1,520 alphanumeric characters can be placed in a single 2d symbol the size of a large postage stamp! VS Which is significantly greater than the nearly 30 characters stored in a 1d symbol. flyer handed out at a trade show But they don't seem to mind. Even their Coke vending machines, equipped with cameras, accept payment and QR Code freebies. Let's look to... QR Codes have great potential for storing data and
for making data entry faster and more accurate packing/shipping
drivers licenses
doctor/patient records
tax returns PDF417 DataMatrix MaxiCode QR Codes will continue to gain acceptance So in the future, you may also see it in government and office applications such as: Quick side note:

when providing a 2d bar code to a mobile phone, you are initiated a process called "mobile tagging." [Wikipedia Infographic] New York City To Put QR Codes On All Building Permits By 2013 "The QR codes will link users to a mobile version of the Department of Buildings Information System, and will give them the option to click a link that will initiate a phone call to the city’s 311 phone service, where they can register a complaint about noise, safety or other concerns."

- TechCrunch.com, posted on 2/22/2011 Mobile Tagging In fact, they put it to good use Where is the nearest train station? QR Codes can answer that... "Voila!"
a new app It's new to us,
which means the 'fear of the unknown' Now that we've seen it's definition, history and uses, you understand why the future of QR Codes looks so bright. With the growth of Smartphones, 2d bar codes and mobile tagging will become advertisers' best friends. A Mashable Infographic illustrates it this way: Limitations OS = Blackberry, Android and Apple Here’s how the Google Goggles pilot program worked: The advertisers produced ads with images that could be recognized by Google Goggles.

For instance, a Buick print ad could, when photographed, lead to a dedicated website, via a QR code. Michael Slinger, director of mobile ads for the Americas at Google, says he’s still analyzing the results from those campaigns, which launched in late 2010.

“We’re continuing to assess the data, and we’re basically figuring out what the next stage in our beta is,” says Slinger. Now, with Google getting involved,
advertising may change forever. I'm sure we'll hear more from Google in the near future... 1. Description
2. History
3. Current Uses
4. Future Uses Requirements: Users need a web-enabled phone with a camera plus a QR Code Reader app to decode QR Codes.
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