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GAIN premix facility

No description

GAIN premix facility

on 16 October 2018

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Transcript of GAIN premix facility

- Key premix supplier for major aid agencies such as
- Established global supply base of
20 certified premix blenders, 8 MNP producers

vitamins and minerals manufacturers.
- More than US$ 68m worth of premix and straight micronutrients delivered in

40 countries
- Approximately reach
120 million beneficiaries
every year, with affordable premix of certified quality.

GAIN Premix Facility (GPF):
Simplifying premix procurement from every angle.

The model and the partners

with Intertek
Procurement facility

Credit facility
with a buffer fund
Order process
The process is simple and efficient:
customers simply place an order, triggering a competitive bidding process amongst the approved suppliers.
Ensuring premix quality
The GPF has a multi-pronged approach to ensuring the quality of premix:
- Upfront Supplier Audits and Certification
- Independent Analysis of Premix
- Technical Investigation on Quality Issues.
Key benefits
- Consistent quality
- Competitive costs
- Assisted financing
- Short lead-time through local distributors
The need for innovation
The GAIN Premix Facility (GPF) was implemented to make premix procurement more effective for organizations fortifying food.
3 main challenges
were identified:
Quality of premix
varied due to inconsistent approach and standards
Decentralized procurement
drove different price and service outcomes depending on the buyer and supplier
Micronutrient costs
are a high proportion of ongoing fortification costs and some projects struggle to finance purchases upfront.
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