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The Middle School Survival Guide for 7th

Project 2nd period

julia franco

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of The Middle School Survival Guide for 7th

by : Julia Franco,Naashika Addoteye,
Kierra Foster 2nd Welcome Hello and Welcome, rising 7th graders. Many of you may think that middle school is horrendous place ,and you wont even get thought the first day, but I can a sure you that its not all the bad .In this survival guide I'll give you some hints and tips on how to survive MIDDLE SCHOOL . First Rule : TAKE EVERYTHING SERIOUSLY RULE TWO : BE ORGANIZED The next rule is to be absolutely organized .The reason i say this is because in middle school you get a large amount of assignments. For example you could get five assignments one day,put them any where,get home and forget all about them.Being organized helps you get your assignments done on time. It could also help to know exactly where your notes are when you need to study for a test . Rule Three : Pay attention in class Take notes and listen,if you don't pay attention,you won't understand anything later.Middle school isn't just about your social life.You should try to be smart and get good grades. Also paying attention can save you from ending up like that polar bear over there. Rule Four: Ask Questions Asking questions will keep you from being that one kid who doesn't understand anything,and is to shy to ask. There's nothing wrong with asking a question. Just ask questions when your completely clueless about something.You never know,that one question could be the one that helps you on a test. Middle school has a lot of activities that you can get involved in,such as Band,Orchestra,Chorus,dance,and sports. You could develop a new passion for music or other things.You can meet lots of new friends while your taking the class.You don't exactly have to be good at the activity,just keep in mind your there to have fun. Rule Five : Ignore all the Drama and Focus on Grades Middle school are usually the years when you get tangled up in drama without meaning to. So try ignoring all the drama and focusing more on your grades.Middle school grades have an effect on your future,such as if you want to get into AP (advance place )classes in high school you might want to focus a whole awful lot on them. Of course don't slack off and get way to much caught up in your social life (not saying that you cant just not too much).Focus on understanding the material. So as you can see middle school isn't as hard as it seems and
and if you follow my rules it'll be as easy as finding your way
through a maze. The Middle School Survival Guide for rising 7th Graders Middle School can be much like a maze. It all depends on what path you choose or take. Just like a maze one path can lead you to a dead end or in middle school terms in trouble, while another can lead you to the finish or getting straight A's. But keep in mind it all depends on you. Your Choice "Taking everything seriously", doesn't really seem like the perfect tip,but if you want to be successful you'll take my advice. The reason I say this is because during your 7th grade year you'll take numerous amounts of test that could affect you in your 8th grade year.One example is the ITBS, when you take this test you want to do the best you can. The reason,is because in 8th grade depending on what you got on that test determiners weather you can apply to a specific program that year. Rule Five : Get Involved Rule Six : Be Yourself Everybody will truly like the real you .Fitting in only crushes
your ability to STAND OUT. Don't change to impress others either.Remember put your own individual stamp on life.Don't let others tell you what you can or can't do.Never try to change yourself because you are UNIQUE just the way you are. Remember everyone was born an original, do not die as a copy. The End
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