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Core Memories

No description

Briana Japs

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Core Memories

Core Memories
My next core memory connects to my Family Island. One winter day in elementary school, the power was out due to several fallen trees in my neighborhood. My family decided to make the best out of the situation and play different board games all day. We all got into teams and played Pictionary, Scrabble, and even different card games. I had so much fun, even though the situation wasn't the best, and I still cherish the occasional game-nights and times spent with my entire family.
My first core memory is connected to Basketball Island. When I was seven years old, I won my first championship game. Since I was one of the tallest girls on the team, I was able to do jump-ball in the beginning of the game. It was also the first time I earned a first place trophy, which I still have to this day. I consider this to be a core memory because it was a defining moment in my basketball career and ignited the love for the game.
My second core memory involves an injury I had when I was about eight years old. During my brother's basketball game, my sister and I decided to play outside and throw rocks. In less than ten minutes, my sister accidentally hit me in the head with the rock, causing a severe gash in my forehead and lots of blood. I can remember crying for the whole night while feeling afraid that I might need stitches or spend the night in the hospital. This is one of my core memories because it made me fear injuries for the rest of my life. To this day, the thought of an injury or even seeing someone else get hurt brings me back to this day and I feel both sadness and fear.
My next set of core memories is once again connected to Basketball Island. Throughout my entire travel basket ball season, my team had to play against Watertown. In particular, there was one player who I always hated. Since we were both one of the tallest girls on our team, we had to defend one another every time we played one another. There was one specific game where she always scratched and intentionally hit me whenever the referees weren't looking and I can remember always wanting to say something mean to her. In addition, she always smelled bad and had the grossest hair I had ever seen. I still
My last core memory connects to Academic Island. In the third grade, I was put into the school's spelling bee with several other third grade students. I tried my best to study as many vocabulary words as I could in order to win and be named spelling bee champion of the third grade. Finally, when the day came, I advanced to each level of the spelling bee until the last two contestants were me and my classmate, Eric. After Eric spelled the word "jewelry" wrong, I won the spelling bee and felt nothing but happiness. To this day, I still remember all of my academic achievements, even the ones that occurred early on in my life, such as the spelling bee.
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