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on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of THE ROCK

Emerged in America in the 1950s, which evolved into a variety of styles from the next decade.
Influenced by
country, blues, folk
, and other musical sources.
· 1950s
· 1960s, or Golden Age
· 1970s
· 1980s
· 1990s
· 2000s onwards
· In 1954 Elvis Presley recorded the song That's All Right Mama.

· Famous musicians such as Chuck Berry appear in this decade and create the called "black rock".

· Throughout the 50s, the subgenres of "Instrumental rock" and "Surf Rock" are created, and they would continue evolving throughout the early 60s.


Chuck "Berry (Saint Louis, Missouri, October 18, 1926), is one of the most influential composers, singers and guitarists in rock and roll history.

Berry is a musical icon who established rock and roll as a musical form and brought the world of black and white together in song.

"Johnny B. Goode" his most popular song, is considered the best guitar song in the history of rock and roll, according to Rolling Stone magazine.
Elvis Presley (Tupelo, Mississippi, January 8, 1935 - Memphis, Tennessee, August 16, 1977) was an American singer, considered a cultural icon.

He is known as "The king of rock and roll".

Elvis’ musical influences were the pop, country music of the time, and the gospel music he heard in church.

It is estimated that Elvis Presley has sold over one billion record units worldwide, more than anyone in record industry history.

beat music
turn up with the arrival of The Beatles.
"The british invasion": The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Teddy Boys and The Who. They were the creators of the "mod movement"
A string of youth subcultures emerged as a way of rebellion and self-expression.
The inmediate procedetors of the Mods were Teddy Boys; they sported drape jackets with drainpipe trousers or jeans, as a distinctive uniform.

Thanks to The Rolling Stones American Tour in 1972, the quote "Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll" becomes famous.

opera rock
and the
glam rock
appear with the famous groups of Queen Lou Reed and Bowie, for example.

In 1974 born the Punk Rock with one of the pioneers of the genre: Ramones.

This music is characterized by being more simple, usually for short duration between 1 to 2 minutes, and do not perform complicated guitar solos. Another characteristic is the protest letters to political and social problems.


- Alternative bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers became very famous.
- Another important bands of the decade were REM, The Foo Fighters or Green Day.
-The "oasismania"

The 1980s was a new era of change in the history of rock.

It was a very productive period,
thanks to a lot of of groups and singers like Queen, U2, Bruce Sprinsgteen, etc. that have incorpored some of the better songs ever heard. For example:

- Another One Bites the Dust (1980) Queen
- I Want It All (1989) Queen
- I will follow (1980) U2
- Born in the USA (1984) Bruce Springsteen

-Freddie Mercury (Stone Town, Zanzibar, 5 September 1946 - London, England, 24 November 1991)

-Bryan May (London, United Kingdom, 19 July 1947)

-John Deacon (Leicester, England, 19 August 1951)

-Roger Taylor (King´s Lynn, England, 26 July 1949)

Queen was formed in 1970 by the singer Freddie Mercury. During his first years, the group hasn´t got very importance, but on 1970 her popularity increased and they were transformed in one of the most representatives groups of decade of 80s.

Now a day, many people know and sing their best songs like
want it all, Another bite the dust, I want to be free, etc.
Bono (Dublin, Ireland 10 May 1960)
The Edge (Barking, England 8 August 1961)
Adam Clayton (Oxfordshire,England 13 Mars 1960)
Larry Mullen (Dublin, Ireland 31 October 1961
This group was born in 1976 by Bono. This group was known in that moment by theirs styles rock and roll and pop and by the letters of theirs song about the peace and the justice.

They did the jump to the fame in 1980 with his first album
and continued with much more albums like
The Joshua Tree
, which had a great positive impact into his career and Achtung Baby and into this albums there was a lot of song like
Discothèque, etc.
Bruce Springsteen (Long Branch, New Jersey, 23 September 1949) is considered one of the best singers of rock in the world, as he only was surpassed by The Beatles on the charts.

The lyrics of theirs song talk about her biography, over all about his feelings.

Some of the most known albums are
Born in the USA, Human touch, Lucky town, Tunnel of love (and his song Wrecking ball in 2012)
- In this moment increase the popularity of Nirvana.
- Alternative rock entered the musical mainstream and many alternative bands become successful during the 1990s.
- A new style of alternative music emerged,was combined alternative rock and heavy metal.

Nirvana reappear with new songs,
that provided popularity:

"Smells like teens spirit"
"Come as you are"
"About a girl".

New style of alternative music
"Alternative metal" combined alternative rock with heavy metal.

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