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Jewish Life After the Second Temple Was Destroyed

What was Jewish life like after the second temple was destroyed? How was Judaism changed? Who was one of the leaders who make Judaism what it is today?

Gveret Kaufman 4

on 6 June 2011

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Transcript of Jewish Life After the Second Temple Was Destroyed

These are Bar Kochba coins that the Jews made when they thought that
Bar Kochba would win The first century Jews helped mold Judaism to the religion it is today! 1st Century Jews! 68ce-135ce After the temple was destroyed some jews were sad and became ascetics (people who live their lives without any pleasures), but Rabbi Yohanan Ben Zakkai thought that Judaism isn't tied to a specific building or sacrifices, but in fact to the TORAH! "Rabban" Gameleil II realized that prayer would be improtant in Judaism and the role of a Shul grew. But Shuls weren't only used as prayer houses! They were also used as community centers and as guest houses! How interesting! The Bar Kochba Revolt BAr Kochba and his followers fought the Romans for three years. Sadly, Bar Kochba lost to the Romans, who had a VERY powerful army.
Bar Kochba was killed in a village south of Jerusalem, Betar. Tradition says that he was killed on the 9th of Av. Why did Bar Kochba revolt?
He revolted because he didn;t like that the Roman Emperor, Hadrian was in power over the Jewish land! He decided that he should rebel. Timeline around 68 ce Many Rabbis, including Yohanan Ben Zekkai
wemt to Yavneh to set up a religous court Around 85 ce After Yohanan Ben Zakkai died the religous leadership passed to Gamaliel II Around 100 ce In Yavneh, the Rabbis created a new prayer service for the holidays 117 ce Hadrian Became the Emperor of Rome 132 ce Bar Kochba led a
HUGE Jewish revolt 135 ce The Romans defeated the Jews in the revolt, and Bar Kochba died - - - - - Some people beleived that the Romans took the ark of the covenant. Daily Life They ate stuff like
chicken, beef, and bread. Men and Women covered their heads. Men did this for protection from the elements, but women did this for religous reasons. At first their Jewish lives evolved around the Jerusalem area, but Hadrian didn't want them there and banned them on Tisha B'av, while banning certain Jewish traditions. He renamed all of Judea to "Palestina". 1,000 years later Jewish life had moved to Galilee. - - - - - - - - - 1,000 years Judea Galilee Jewish Life over this is not the real places or distances of their migrations.
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