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Jeanne Gabrielle Roderno

on 30 July 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Family is the smallest unit and building block of a society.
To understand better the world in which one lives, especially the people in it, and one’s relation with them and oneself
To plan a course of action for solving the problems that one encounters
To act in concert upon this plan, to leave this world better than they found it
Group dynamics is a form of human interaction that deals with “such items as morals, feeling tone, atmosphere, participation, influence, styles of influence, leadership struggles, conflict, competition, cooperation” and so forth.
Group dynamics is synonymously referred to as small group communication, group process, group-centered interaction, and group discussion.
Family as the smallest unit
The vitality of a country rests upon the family’s relationship system or group dynamics.
Basic Human Goals
Group Dynamics
J. W. Pfeiffer
Group Discussion
- a process of cooperative thinking and sharing between three or more persons for the attainment of common interests, needs, or goals.
Group Process
- the interaction between the relationship issues and the work issues in a group.
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