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Grammar link 1

No description

Konstantia Varela

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Grammar link 1

let's meet the characters GRAMMAR LINK 1 ! age:12
editor of the school magazine:TEENLINK
character:sensitive and kind
qualities:gifted writer, not that good at maths.
pets: 2 cats, Cosmo and suzie Stanley Davis age:12
Stanley's best friend,classmate and neighbour
character: areal tease and fun to be with
talents:good at sports and maths
he's in love with Angela, the school beauty Peter Hardy age: 9
Peter's younger sister
she's a redhead and gets easily upset
she's a talented and ambitious artist
but she can't play the violin!
her best friend is Nicola Kikki Hardy age :10
member of the gang
Stanley's second best friend
she's clever ,calm and sensible
she loves photography and she's the magazine photo reporter Leslie Banks
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