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Someone Who Has Influence Me My Brother . By Alberto Sandova

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Kathryn Larsen

on 7 January 2015

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Transcript of Someone Who Has Influence Me My Brother . By Alberto Sandova

When i was little i never knew about soccer. When my brother started playing soccer at the age of 5. He told me you should start playing at school and i did. It was really tricky but i got the hang of it .
Someone Who Has Influence Me My Brother . By Alberto Sandoval
When i haven't started school he went by himself. When everytime he comes home i wanted to hear if school was fun or not. And i still tell him what he does in the 9th grade so i could no what we do.
Video games
When my brother bought are first video game console it was a Game Cube. I never played because he never let me play and he had no good games but when my mom told him to let me play he taught me how to play and i got better and better.
My brother Jose Sandoval has influenced me for a lot of stuff and i learned a lot of stuff from him here are some stuff that he influenced me to do
My brother taught me how to ride a scooter and i sometimes fall but he explain me and i got better and better
My brother knew how to do a back flip before me and he taught me how to do it but i was scared to do it and he said that im doing it right so then i was scared but i did it any ways and i was happy and he was to.
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