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The Big Brother Guide

No description

Brandon Mocza

on 22 April 2013

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Transcript of The Big Brother Guide

Step 1 - Big Love Step 4 - Be a Big Brother! The final step on how to be a good big brother is simple. BE A BIG BROTHER! Sometimes your going to fight and argue with your siblings, its bound to happen, and sometimes you both are going to get under each other's skin. But in the end what being a "Big Brother" means is that no matter what you will always love your sibling, have patience with your sibling, and give attention to your sibling. After all we were once young too, and somebody had to put up with us. So we have to learn how to put up with them and love them as they are. 4 Steps On How To Be a Good Big Brother The Big Brother Guide Step 2- Big Patience Step 3 - Big Attention Another thing we must give to our siblings is "Big Attention." All our siblings want from us sometimes is attention. And it is our duty as a big brother to give it to them, whether they want us to play with them or sing with them, they just want the spotlight to shine on them for a little bit. So sometimes were going to need to give them "Big Attention" and that why its completely necessary to have this trait as well. Introduction Hello Reader! In front of you is a guide with four easy steps on how to be a good big brother with your younger siblings! Anyone who has a younger brother or sister knows that they require "Big Love." Now, "Big Love" is loving that sibling or siblings with all your heart no matter what. Through all the hair pulling, screaming, and temper tantrums, its important that you love your little family member as much as you can. This is because life is unpredictable. One moment they can be here the next moment, gone. That is why "Big Love" is essential for a big brother to have towards his little siblings. "Big Patience" is another essential for being a good big brother towards your younger siblings. And having patience truly shows in those moments when your little family member throws a temper tantrum in the middle of an isle at Target. Or when you refuse to dance with them during one of their TV shows. However if you do have "Big Patience," then what happens is that these things that tend to bother you, start to bother you less. And by having "Big Patience" you get to see just how much you love your little brother or sister, and teach them a good life lesson and get the chance to show them the act of patience. Your Limits Go As Far As The Eye Can See If you learn how to follow all these steps correctly then guess what!
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