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Copy of MalaysiaUniversityEnglishTest

No description

aidil aizat

on 21 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of MalaysiaUniversityEnglishTest

Firstly, I would highlight, the true friend is usually able to understand us and empathise better. We should consider that point because friend can be good listening for us. They will lend their ears to hear our problem and can be a good listener. That because they want to be the best for you. On the other hand, they always have time with you in any situation, either when you up or down. I have mentioned earlier that. The true friend also have a good emphathise. Emphathise that means a person who can feel like other felling in any condition. It means that, the friend who have this feeling is the true friend in your life. This is what I means, they can understand what we want to share with their and they also can give a best solution for our problems. So that, we can share our problem without feels doubfull
Secondly, we able to be more comforting with friend because they are good listening. If we have a problem we can share it with friend. For example, at the beginning stages of a crisis, everyone needs to tell their story in their own time. Tell the story is one of the cornerstones of psychological treatment for trauma. So the job of the friends is to listen. Besides, friends also can help make decision. Fof example, if we confused and has difficulty making even small decision, friends can give the suggestion to solve the problem. So as a good friends, they should always with us no matter what will happen.
Thirdly, friends also can provides motivation
and support us. As a human, we can’t run from the
trouble. For example, teenagers often have a
problem about family and love. So friends should
give a good suggestion, motivation, advice and
support to us. Friends also the most important
person to us and friends also understand us. Usually
we can accept their motivation because we feel
friend are who understand us.

Conclusion, a friend is the best person would confine during time of challenges and problem. Because they are always with us and that make we easily can share our problem. So the conclusion is a friend are the person that I would confine during time of challenges and problem

Good morning to my teacher and all my fellow friend. Teenagers always faced with challenges and problem in their life. So, for share their problems and seek advice, their always choose and trust their friend. Why? Friend is a person who are close to us after family. Usually friend is a someone who sticks by you when are down and celebrate with you when you are success. Besides family, it is up to us, who we are how will choose who are our friend. Today, most teenagers are most likely to seek an advice from friend rather than their family.
Last but not least, the next point why riend is person I would confine during time of challenges and problem is a better companion during times of trouble. This is because when we have problem, our friend is more understanding and that make we more comfortable with friend. Next, friend also known us very well
when faced with challenges and problem, we often seek advice from people whom we trust. who would you confide in during difficult times?
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