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The Student Of Concern Process

No description

Ann Marie Palmer

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of The Student Of Concern Process

Student Care Services and The Student Of Concern Process
Overview of Student Care Services and the Student of Concern Process
What is a "Students of Concern"?
How to report
Statistics Overview
UCF Cares

Many Faces of SOC

There is no correct answer for who is considered a student of concern
Someone realizes that a student needs additional support
Concerns Include:
Mental Health Concerns
Substance Abuse
Multiple counseling referral attempts
Police involvement
Disruptive classroom behavior
Family issues
Financial struggles (homeless, financial aid maxed out, evictions)
If you don't know where else to refer, SCS can help!

How to Report
Visit scs.sdes.ucf.edu or call the Case Managers to discuss
Complete online reporting form

Case Managers will:
Respond back for any additional updates
Contact student within 48 hours
Student meets for initial conversation and for resource connection
Follow up meetings may be required
Case Management follows tiered system

Common Referrals

The Case Managers works closely with on-campus and off-campus resources, including:
Counseling and Psychological Services
Housing and Residence Life staff follow up
UCF Police Department well-being check
Employment opportunities (assessing for work-study eligibility, on-campus employment, Career Service Referrals)
Academic Services for withdrawal options

Baker Act/Marchman Act
Golden Rule Student Handbook outlines requirements for Mandated Assessment, following a Baker Act or Marchman Act
Student connects with Case Managers for ongoing support
Students complete Initial Assessment with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) or Health Services (or off-campus provider)
Navigate Medical Withdrawal, if necessary

Additional Resources through Case Management

Homeless Student Committee
A partnership with Student Account Services to review students seeking tuition waiver due to their housing status

Student Death Response Team
A partnership with Housing and Residence Life, CAPS, and Victim Services to support UCF Community and student families after the death of a student

Mid-Level Concerns
Case Managers reviews all cases and determines if student will be processed one-on-one or require additional support

Student of Concern Committee:
Consists of: OSRR, Housing and Residence Life, CAPS, Wellness and Health Promotion Services, Academic Services, Health Services, and First Year Advising and Exploration
Meets once/week to discuss mid-level issues where multiple areas are involved
Makes recommendations for additional care/support and creates action plan for student success
Case Managers follows up with student on committee recommendations

Mid-High Level Concerns
Case Managers and/or Director, OSRR determine that student behavior may pose a risk to themselves or others and call for University Crisis Committee Meeting

University Crisis Committee
Crisis Committee reviews and decides best course of action
Committee may meet with student
Committee may recommend Involuntary Withdrawal Procedures if student is deemed a threat to others in campus community
Recommendations given to Case Managers for follow up

Statistics (May 2013-April 2014)
Overall Number Student of Concern Reports: 343
(57% increase from 2012-2013)

Baker Acts Reports: 73
(24% increase from 2012-2013

Highest population: 30% FTIC, 25% Seniors

Student of Concern Committee: 80 students reviews

UCF Cares

UCF Cares is an umbrella of care-related programs and resources dedicated to fostering a caring community of Knights. However, it takes all of us from students to staff, from faculty to friends, to show that we care about one another. The goal of the UCF CARES initiative is to build a culture of care one KNIGHT at a time. We are all UCF and need to do our part in connecting any fellow knights in distress to appropriate resources.

Get your student connected to UCF Cares to learn more about resources around campus
Follow us on Twitter: @UCFCARES
Facebook: UCF Cares

Student Care Services
The Student of Concern process is part of Student Care Services.

Student Care Services (SCS) offers guidance, resources, and referrals to UCF students who are experiencing a distressing situation which significantly impacts academic or personal success. The SCS team coordinates referrals to campus and community resources, develops action plans for student success, and provides education and outreach to university and community members.
Our Goals:
Supports campus partners making referrals through the Student of Concern process

Provide care related resources and education to students, faculty, and staff on Student of Concern and UCF Cares

Make referrals to and coordinate the University Crisis Committee

Support and empower students to take action and advocate on their own behalf
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