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ABBA 1970 - 1983

No description

Timothy McVeigh

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of ABBA 1970 - 1983

Key characteristics of ABBA?
The band name 'ABBA' is from an acronym which was formed from the first letters of each of the group members names. After both movies and ABBA plays started to come out and be performed ABBA started getting even more popular.ABBA is still popular now days selling nearly 3 million Cd's every year.
The effect ABBA had on the world?
Although ABBA wasn't to popular all around the world it was still popular in Australia. Britain and America didn't really take ABBA seriously in the 1980's but after the new hit SOS was out it became a huge hit in Australia at first and than other countries took notice of the band.
The effect ABBA had on the world?
ABBA than grew enormous popularity around the world while touring to Europe, Australia and North America drawing crowds of ardent fans, notably in Australia. The effect ABBA had on the world was crazy how much they were loved and how many records were sold, especially in Australia.
Ben Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus, who were members of two of the top bands in Sweden in the 60s,first met and started playing and writing together in 1966.Three years later they both met their future wives, Frida Lyngstad and Agnetha Faltskog. Both of these girls were also accomplished young women.
Turn your sound up
In this prezi, the topic that is going to be discussed is Abba. Abba was a band which was formed in 1970, containing two boys and two girls. This band created very catchy lyrics and was very successful in the 80's and still is with a minimum of 3 million cd's being sold a year.
For ABBA when arriving in Australia it was like arriving home.Australia was one of the most favorite places for ABBA to go and ABBA was Australia's most favorite band.Bjorn Ulvaeus was one of the main contenders to the band writing the lyrics to most of their songs.
Key characteristics of ABBA?
Why was ABBA so popular?
The main reason that ABBA was so popular in the 1980's is because of the harmonies the two boys and girls could make. Also the lyrics that were written by Bjorn were very simple and catchy.
Why was ABBA so popular?
Another reason for ABBA being so popular was the outrageous clothing that was worn. The films that were put out made them even more popular.
Also the musicals that started to get reenacted throughout the world bringing in more popularity.
The key people involved in ABBA?
The key people involved in the band of ABBA were Anni-frid Lyngstad, Benny ANderson, Bjorn Ulvaeus and Agnetha Faltskog. Bjorn was one of the main artists of the band writing mainly all of their songs which contributed alot. The manager of the band ABBA was Stig Anderson which he was the one that organized their tours across the world\
How did Australia help ABBA succeed?
ABBA 1970 - 1983
Australia was really the first country that took ABBA's music to heart, America didn't really take ABBA seriously until SOS became a huge hit in Australia than other countries took notice.
One of ABBA's main contributors Bjorn Ulvaeus said "coming to Australia it was a feeling of coming home". This just shows how popular ABBA was in Australia, because of Australia's love for ABBA it is said that ABBA became more more popular in other countries. As said earlier other countries started liking ABBA when the new hit SOS came out and Australians were in love with it which when the other countries saw this there popularity grew.
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