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Welcome to Christian Youth Theater

No description

Stephanie Gerath

on 18 November 2016

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Transcript of Welcome to Christian Youth Theater

Welcome to Christian Youth Theater
A Few House Rules
* Leave church better than we found it.

*Eat in designated area

*Arrive on time!!

*Parent pick children up from foyer

*HAVE FUN!!!!!!
About Auditions
*Auditions are December 2nd!!!

*Sign up online TODAY!!! Spots are filling FAST!

*Callbacks are Saturday Morning.

*Show is February 23rd-26th

*Come and be a part of
Alice in Wonderland
Teacher Introduction!!
Alice Info

*We would Love to have you and your family join our group of amazing performers during this fun and exciting show!

Tomorrow 6-7pm

Encourage your friends to join in the fun!!

**To Audition friends must sign up before Friday December 2
~Hang poster in community
~Sale program ad's
~Parent committees
(props, Costumes, Sets, PR...and more!)
~Tech week Help

A one-liner program ad per family
Strike Party

Helps pay for:
Performance Facility
Show Playbill
Paying Artistic Team

~Bike Shorts
~Make up
~Show box
~Additional Costume Pieces
Snack Shack
*Snack Credit
($10 dollar suggested amount)
*Pay in Cash or Check
*Money should be used up
*Does not carry over into next Session
*Refunds available at showcase
Time to DISMISS!
Wiggle/Our Gang Parents please walk child to class.
Any Questions?
Thank you for coming. We appreciate
you allowing us to LOVE on your children.

~CYT Staff
25 sold:
Mrs. Stephanie will dye one streak of hair a color

50 sold:
Mrs. Stephanie will dye the tips or her hair a color

75 sold:
Mrs. Stephanie will dye multiple streaks of her hair a color

100 sold:
Mrs. Stephanie will dye her whole head a color

150 sold:
Mrs. Stephanie will wear the colored hair on show day
Incentives for Selling
Who supports you?

*Mom and Dad
*Grandpa and Grandma
*Aunt and Uncle
*Church Friends
*School Friends
* Parent Volunteer hours (15+5)
*Production fee is $130.00
*Parents Provide

Class DOJO:
Parents please sign up:
*See classroom behaviors
*See snapshots of the class in action
*To communicate with the teacher
*for reminders
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