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The Shang Dynasty HAPISUN

No description

Mr J Daykin

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of The Shang Dynasty HAPISUN

The Shang Dynasty
The Shang Dynasty is a dynasty with lots of history left behind. It is located in China in Asia by the Yellow River. It will be good for crops and fertile.
The Social Classes
Where they lived ?
The Shang Dynasty
The social classes went down in emperors, warriors nobles, artisans and craftsmen, and the peasants. They weren't treated well and if they were caught stealing more food, they would be executed. They used wood and stone tools.
The farmers lived in mud huts which had only one room.The kings and nobles lived inside the city walls so they won't be attacked by enemies. The artisans and craftsmen probably would have been killed first because they weren't considered important.
The Shang Dynasty discovered bronze with Tin and Copper. The craftstmen used bronze too to make lots of important things for the priests. They mostly consisted of pots or instruments.
How the Shang Dynasty ended?
It ended with the decision of people judging the slaves were being treated. Therefore they stopped the whole dynasty and left all the belongings behind. Now we now that the Shang Dynasty is real
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