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Hatchet Novel Brian's emotions

Throughout this Prezi, I will be discussing 5 emotions Brian felt.

Johnson Duong

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Hatchet Novel Brian's emotions

Brian Robeson's emotions Hatchet novel Introduction Throughout the novel Hatchet, Brian Robeson experience's
many emotions during his hardships in the Canadian forests.
This poor 13 year old has gotten into an awful situation because of his parent's divorce. He has now crashed/landed with a dead pilot by his side. I will be talking about these many emotions Brian experiences during his hardships. Disbelief Terror While he is trying to land the plane, Brian is afraid of the fact that he might die. If he didn't land the plane, he would've crashed, and if he waited until the plane ran out of fuel, he still would've crashed. So it was a lose-lose situation. While controlling the plane, Brian was holding onto the steering wheel until his knuckles turned white. After getting out of the plane, Brian Cannot
believe he has to face the hardships of the Canadian wilderness and that he actually survived the plane crash. He built a shelter, had to hunt for food,
and fend off ferocious animals. Even those pesky
mosquitoes! He can't believe that a city boy like him was in this situation. But that all later changes. Anger Before getting into the bush plane.
Brian's mother had a gift for him. It was a hatchet. She asked him to put it on his belt.
He was still mad at her because of her affair,
therefore causing the divorce. But her voice sounded like, if you touched it, it would've
broke. So he reluctantly put it on his belt. Conclusion Pride This is when Brian starts to feel positive. Brian is able create a fire, a bow and arrow and a spear. The fire had been a wonderful thing to have. He can fend off mosquitoes, cook food and keep himself warm. The bow and arrow and spear have helped him hunt animals. Like the fool birds, fish and rabbits. He had found meat. Something he hasn't tasted in a long time. He is proud of himself. He continues to stay positive. I now conclude my amazing prezi
about Brian's emotions throughout Hatchet.
I have given you 5 emotions that Brian experiences. Just by reading these emotions
you get to know Brian better, who he really is! Well that's my prezi folks, hope you enjoyed it! Surprise Brian woke up during night to a sound. This wasn't a sound that he was familiar with. It sounded like a train, right then he knew it was a tornado. He was very surprised he never thought a tornado would hit. A tornado right after an incident with a moose. Brian thought of nature with harmony. That has all changed, he has come to realize the dangers of nature.
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