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Effect and Effect

Why ScFi needs special special effects

Jason Taylor

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Effect and Effect

Once apon a time... there was an important internet spaceships game,
called Eve-Online And playing that game were polite young men who o7'd each other as they passed,
and froliced in COAD exchanging helpful suggestions. But it wasn't all shit. For these polite young men would grow up to be biligerant ass-hats,
and spew forth all manor of crap into the game. ENGINE TRAILS As they grew in bitterness and Titan peen... The game it's self changed and grew. There were lots of exciting new features demo'd at fan fests Then not demo'd the next year. There were upragdes and boot ini attacks. Overview porblems and lag were permenently fixed twice per year. But then the Dark times came At first there were new ship models Some of them looked like space-ships. Stations grew in size, and nubs were grudgingly given a clue what was going on. But somehting was terribly wrong. Even though the Scythe now looked like a space-ship, a terrible price had been paid. At first there was the worm-hole effect.
New and, well... New.
And then meh, it was the same as gate-jumping. And weirdly similar to being webbed... and OMG... JUMP DRIVE!!!1111 It was like a million souls crying out in pain and WTF. Previously, in Eve-Online
Jumping a capital ship to a cyno field was like all... Thwaaaaaaaaa FUCKING BLAMO!!!111 (buzztt)
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