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Social Media & Real Estate

No description

Stephen McKee

on 21 March 2011

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Transcript of Social Media & Real Estate

Facebook Twitter Linkedin Four Square Flickr Hootsuite Youtube Yelp Meetup Website Rss Feeds Check in at locations
in your city as often as
possible. Becoming mayor
is free branding . Post pictures of random stuff
you like, houses for sale, places
you eat, etc. Anything that will
get a conversation started.
Restaurant reviews are another
free source of branding. Be the person with the best tips at every
local spot and people will remember you. Create a profesional resume and
connect with as many professionals as possible. This will allow you to email all your contacts with new listings and major announcments. Tweet everything. Use relevant #
to get your info out there. Don't
spam. Facebook is hands down the best
source for referals. Post relevant, funny,
interesting stuff. Interect with your friends.
Remind them occasionaly about your business. Schedule and distribute
all your information here. Setup up all your favorite news to feed
into google reader. Distribute relevant
articles. Set up relevant twitter searchs
to respond to. FIlm video walkthroughs of your
listing and other properties you
would like to sell. Brand the videos
with your info. The more the better. Need to meet new people? Find a group on meetup.com with the same interests. Just go to have a good time and you'll have an entirely new network to tap. All social media and content point back to your website. Real Estate blogs All profiles your answers point back
to your website. All profiles direct leads back to social media sites to caprute them long term. Email Major blogs will send Q&A alerts to your email. Respond as they come in. Setup up filters so all social media and blog sites drop alerts into folders. Social Media & Real Estate
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