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My Geography presentation on Panama

Naina Ninan

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Panama

By: Naina Ninan PANAMA Major Cities Panama City*
San Miguelito
Colon Population Population: 3, 571, 185 people as of 2011

Compared to the population of Connecticut which is
3, 580, 709 people as of 2011 Land Area The land area of Panama is 29, 340 sq mi

This is compared to Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Connecticut, which put together is 25, 443 sq mi. Current Leader The current leader is Ricardo Martinelli who is the president
He has been in power for 3 years Relationship with the US The relationship is very good and they are allies

IT started when the US had control over the Panama
Canal and Panama had many US Military Installations

They also signed a bilateral FTA in June of 2007 Brief History Has always been influenced by strategic position
1.Panama was part of Spain for 300 years
2. Spanish power eventually faded in the mid 18th
3. In 1821, Columbia left Spain and Panama became
part of Columbia
4. From 1903 to 1968 Panama was controlled
by a powerful commercial oligarchy Physical Characteristics Panama Canal
Gatun Lake
Chagres River
Chucanague River Tuira River
Sixaola River Natural Resources Copper
Mahogany Forests
Gold Economic Activities Meat Processing
Milk Processing
Shrimp Processing
Sugar Refining
http://www.zonu.com/fullsize-en/2009-09-17-1645/Panama-Economic-Activity-1981.html Fun Facts Panama is the only place where you can see the sun rise and sun set on the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean
Panama was the first Central American country to adopt the US Dollar
The Panama Canal supplies 1/3 of Panama's economy
Seven out of ten Panamanians haven’t heard of the song “Panama” by Van Halen
http://www.barefootpanama.com/travel-resources/panama-facts-figures/ Food Some foods in Panama are:
Yuca Frita
Coconut Rice
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