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South Africa

No description

Travis O.

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of South Africa

South African Culture
By: Rebecca Ogden

The unit of Currency in South Africa is Rand.

4 Rands = 1 U.S Dollar
South Africa is known for many things but, it is especally known for it's many language!
South Africa has many diffrent languages it has 11 totel.
Which are 1. Sepedi, 2. Sesotho 3. Setswana 4.Siswati 5. Tshivenda 6. Xitsonga 7. Afrikaans 8. Isixhosa 9. Isizulu 10. IsiNdebele 11.English
outh Africa is 470,689 square miles. It is 12 times larger than the U.S state of Illinois.
South Africa is one of the BIGGER Countries.
Cities and Capitals
There are 3 Capitals in South Africa. Which are Capetown, Pretoria and Bloemfontien.

South Africa has many Cities like,Pretoria(1 of the Capital Cities),Soweto(was a black township during the Aparthied),and Johannesburg which is the largest city in South Africa.

, Skiing, Swimming, Fishing, Cricket- Is played with small balls and wide flat bats, Polo - A game played on horseback by 2 teams you use long wooden clubs to hit a ball. Did you know that people sometimes can swim with penguins in Cape Town beaches.
Important Dates
1910 - The union of South Africa was

1961 - South Africa became a republic

1994 - Nelson Mandela became South
Africas first black president

1999 - Thabo Mbeki suceeded being the
second democratic president
Blue - Stands for the Sky
White- Stands for Peace
Gold - Stands for the wealth of South Africa's land
Green- Stands for Plant's and Crop's
Black- Stands for the Native people that live there
Red - Red stands for the people who have died fighting for freedom
South Africans eat quite alot of different foods than we do here. Here are some names and descriptions.
Corn is very important in South Africa, Putu (A favorite food made from corn , it is a thick cearl.) Mutton is a type of meat,Bihong is a dried strip of meat (The most popular Bilhong comes from the Kudu antelope), Venison which is deer to us but antelope to them,and South Africans also have a weekly cookout called a Braiis.You will see a few of the foods above at a briis. Lastly, there # 1 crops are Corn, Grains, and Potatoes.

There are many diffrent types of animals in South Africa. For starters there are 20 different kinds of antelope.Suni being the smallest just 14 in. tall. Did you know that Black Rino's and Cape Mountain Zebras live in South Africa.In many prezerves, national parks, in grass lands and trees there are many unusual birds. Like the Gompou which is 45 pounds , the heaviest flying bird. The sunbird also drinks nectar,like humming birds that we see here from time to time. You won't see a sunbird any where else because,it only lives in South Africa.In South Africa there are also,elephants,lions,giraffes,ostriches,rhinos and springbok's which is a member of the antelope family!!!

South Africa has many different musical instruments than we do here.

Here is a list of a few of South Africas instruments:

1. Double bells

2. Hand held piano (Sansa)

. String along ( Is a stick with strings tightly streched)

4. Congo drum

5. Side-blown trumpet

6. Lute

There are many different shapes and sizes of

drums in South Africa.
The religions in South Africa are:

1. Muslim
2. Hindu
3. Christian

In South Africa there are 51.19 million. Smaller than the United Kingdom but, Larger than Australia.
Apartheid- A practice of keeping people of different races apart. Just so you know they meaning the (White South African Goverment) made the law because, European settlers came to South Africa. They weren't getting along with each other. Also, if anyone broke the law they got thrown in jail. Alot of people for a long time worked to change the law. They finnaly succeeded.

Fun Fact- Black Africans were the first to live in South Africa.
Since 1993 kids of all colors could attend school together.In South Africa school is free, and most kids wear uniforms.Children ages 7-16 must attend school.All children get taught their own languages, also while studing english and afrikaans.All kids also study math,history,science and music.Plus,many kids join clubs after school.
Funfact-The goverment is trying to change the fact that city schools are better than country schools.
Of course South Africa celebrates New years,Easter,and Christmas but of course theres more.Did you know that music is very important to there holidays.Acualy, music is very important for every gathering such as,Tribe Traditions,Weddings,and Birthdays.That also includes festivals like the Spring Goto SplashyFen Music Festival where,local choirs,singers,and Rock Musians perform.
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