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Copy of Jagermeister

No description

John Hersey

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Jagermeister

2012.09.14 BRAND Jägermeister WELCOMM PUBLICIS Brand Essence
Spark + Genuine + Connections
Functional Benefit
Unique taste and traditional recipe based on natural ingredients
Emotional Benefit
Bring people together to share experience and create stronger bonds
Reason to Believe
Quality in product - category by its own, long and rich history Iconic brand, drink from Germany
Brand Personality
Curious, Down-to-earth, Modern, Engaging, Intriguing, Unconventional Your Unique Brand DNA A brand strategy that delivers on elevating the brand and becoming top 5 imported spirits over the
next 3 years in Korea

An integrated communication campaign
Induce ‘Ice Cold’ Straight Shot for the ‘pure’ branding of Jägermeister and Jägermeister alone Your Briefing to us Moving consumers so that they can move our brand to INCREASE MARKET SHARE Jägermeister as an inspirational and aspirational brand that connects with consumers on an emotional level Our Ambition

Currently the brand is too limited to the selective locations, upscale clubs and western bars
Strong ritual-based drink as Jägerbomb which is not a brand, and simple ritual based drinks normally weaken with trend,
Jack & Coke, Tequila 7 Up, 50 Sae-Joo Barriers Find a different perspective on the category
to strengthen Jägermeister’s perception as a BRAND
with strong roots and hunt for their emotional hearts,
not only as an ingredient for Jägerbomb Challenge RITUAL The Ultimate Solution SOCIAL OCCASION bring people
around and
create bonds expand
to reposition redefines
as ice-cold
shot 1st round drink. traditional appeal, price competitiveness and market ubiquity, serious talk A unique proposition in spirits’ category strong male image, premium image for older people, business occasion party drink. trendy, fashionable. young and light occasion JÄGERMEISTER SHARING THE MOMENT OF TRUTH WITH MUCH MORE FUN AND EXCITEMENT

THE JÄGER SOCIETY 24-34 year old
Advocate target
Future Jägermeister ice-cold shot lover! Our two main target groups Opinion leader LEE – Social Aspiration I only focused on going forward, following the achievers and
always tried to be good at what I do.
Proud of belonging to the top 20% of 20/80 golden ratio.
Love to call myself as a hunter for the personal success and freedom.
Fun and excitement have always been my core values in life.
Now, I have reached age of 33 and have found
something more important than just chasing after fun and excitement.
I have started to appreciate people around me and
want to be emotionally connected, sharing together the moment of truth.
I like to share with them everything
I like and everything I know-how, especially when I drink with them.
Life, it’s not only about me, it’s about people and
how I connect with them to share my aspiration. Consumer Insight #1 Because youth is synonym of fun and excitement Consumer Insight #2 Because youth loves new experiences Consumer Insight #3 Because the most important is socializing and connecting WE NEVER FREEZE FREEZE being part of the group is essential.
Even though, you’re friends
from Kindergarten, coworkers in your new company, or you’ve just met
in the bar, Jägermeister never stops
offering unforgettable moments to share, bringing people together and strengthening bonds. Jägermeister provides you a young-spirit mind: Jägermeister brings you closer. 1 Korean love rituals.
And discovering that Jägermeister’s ‘cold shot’ doesn’t freeze at -18˚C is… amazing! Intriguing and unconventional, ‘cold shots’ are an opportunity to raise new interest towards the brand and to reach new customers. 2 WE NEVER FREEZE Role of Ownable Big Idea
Strengthen connections between people Spark a new and unique ritual in the category: ‘cold shot’ CREATIVE Pre-Teasing Event Concept: Guerilla Graffti wall
Duration: October 19 ~ 30 (1.5 week)
Location : Itawon / Hong-ik University / Garosugil / Pusan city
Objective: Create a buzz among the target one week before Halloween party to announce launching in Korea
Scheme: During night, Jager crew will draw graffiti in target crowded area which identifies Jägermeister and it's upcoming launch.
Expectation : Targets to be curious / get interest towards creative and natural viral through SNS/Youtube etc 1-2. Send a mysterious ‘Buzz kit’ to opinion leaders,
influencers, celebrities, DJs with objects related to the brand
(w/o branding) 3. Launch of media plan revealing the meaning of the logo UNIQUE & ICONIC
Jägermeister Ski Resort brand zone 20-25 year old
Mass target
Jägerbom lover! Opinion leader LEE Experimenter YOO Social aspiration Self-expression There used be the time when being a normal is a
compliment to young people, but not anymore.
I am 25 and I want to stand out for my own personality and uniqueness.
I don’t want to follow others to
be the part of majority.
I am still young and I want to find my true self
identity rather copying others.
I would also like to belong to the special group who lead the trend.
But, I don’t want to categorize myself as someone being loud nor faddish,
and never want to be seen as irresponsible.
I know how to have fun and enjoy my freedom truly
but in very fashionable and respectful manner.
I am who I am and there are things in my life that represents who I am. Experimenter Yoo – Self Expression Necessity to aim for opinion leaders as communication target
To generate buzz towards the brand
To set up ice-cold shot as new ritual
To set the standards for the mass to follow Core target group SOJU Whiskey Vodka bar drink, fun ritual,
get wasted TEQUILA Our core audience constantly seeks out new cultural experiences and is the first to 'know’ He lives his life with passion. Job, hobbies, relationships… he makes the most of everything Passionate, he considers himself as trend setter and
likes being the first to buy the new gadget or to discover new brands Actively connected on SNS, he loves going out on weekends with his friends and
letting them discover new restaurants and bars SWEET SPOT Concept: Enjoy & Experience cold Jägermeister in Ice cold ski resort
Duration: November 2012 ~ March 2013
Location : Vivaldi park / Phoenix park / Young Pyeong resort / Muju Resort
Objective: Expose logo / visual in Ski resort which identifies product feature as an ice cold shot to increase brand awareness
Scheme: Create ski resort as Jägermeister brand zone including slope
party to create excitement / targets to enjoy Jägermeister Bachelor's party Concept: Provide bachelor's party for stronger bonds
Duration: March 2012 ~ May 2013 (Celebrity sponsoring)
June 2013 ~ September 2013 (Consumers)
Location: Gang Nam 'Dom' Club + Karaoke
Objective: Create unique & the first culture code of 'Bachelor's party' to Korean males who seeks for stronger bonds with good liquor / excitement
Scheme: Provide place / bachelor's party package program. discover new ritual for groom to start off his own party by breaking ice sculpture and enjoy Jägermeister all together Strike a shot - Bowling league Concept: Sponsor brand party with theme of 'Bowling league' targeting young people who loves sports with their friends
Duration: June 2013
Location : Pierrot Strike bowling/sports club
Objective: To young people both males and females, who likes to enjoy Friday night as a group of friend yet looking for something more than just drinking.
Opening a huge brand party and bowling league
Scheme: Brand party with theme. Free wet sampling as in a ice cold shot to induce trial and increase new consumers penetration Enjoy Rock and Roll with Jägermeister Concept: Enjoy Rock and Roll festival upto maximum Jägermeister
Duration: July 2013
Location : Jisan Rock festival (Kyung Ki Do)
Objective: Provide unforgettable experience to audiences at Rock festival by offering them a special lodge to sleep
Scheme: Make our targets to have special memory with their friends by giving them an exciting memory through sleep at the lodge with free sampling New wave to enjoy
cold shot Jägermeister Concept: Decorate bar focused on Jägermeister in Seoul and outside of Seoul to attract consumer and expect further sales
Duration: November 2012 ~ December 2013
Location : Seoul and outside of Seoul
Objective: Decorate bar with special Jägermeister table and merchandise to give targets very exciting/bonding moment and also suggest new rituals with special equipment
Scheme: Provide Jägermeister table to enjoy ice cold shot and ice shaving equipment to provide special ritual while targets enjoy Jägermeister Remarkable Halloween event on river Concept: Remarkable Halloween event on the river
Duration: October 2012 / October 2013
Location : Cruise on Han river
Objective: Create Jägermeister cruise floats along side Han river on Halloween day to provide new venue and exciting memory with targets group
Scheme: On Halloween, invites targets and encourage them to bring friends as a group and offer them an unique, uncommon Halloween party that is outside of bar/club. Decorating with logo will give chance to brand for exposure as well CJ E&M PPL Concept: Expose brand history / new rituals & occasion to drink through most rated/viewed CATV program on CJ E&M
Duration: November 2012 ~ December 2013
Location : -
Objective: Considering very limited media usage for Liquour, use CJ E&M 's variety CATV program to release rich brand history and through celebrity introduce bars/clubs/out of box locations where you can enjoy Jägermeister
Movie PPL
XTM GADGET - 25 minutes of program introduces brand itself
HOMME 4.0 - celebrities introduce trendy bar / clubs / hot places
and drinks that is famous nowadays
Tving - Internet / mobile based TV - one of the heavy medium for
core targets Mobile Application for Jägermeister Concept: Produce mobile application for Jägermeister
Duration: November 2012 - December 2013
Location : Android OS / IOS
Objective: To communicate with consumers / penetrate new consumers by announcing new events / brand / product news through mobile application that is easy to access and actively engaged by core targets
Scheme: As followed in next page
Sparkling culture day by Jägermeister Concept: Jägermeister tastes the best when it’s -18. So 18th of every month will be a Jägermeister Day which means, every popular Bar, Pub and Club will offer one ice-cold shot of Jägermeister for discounted price. Big celebrity will be hopping from bars to bars and people can track where he is with their Jägermeister app. When they finally find him/her, they play 18 sec Jägermeister Relay Game with the Celeb.
Duration: November 2012 - December 2013
Location : Apgujeong / Itaewon / Hong ik University / Pusan city
Objective: Cumulative Branding Effect-With consistent/regular activity, increase the engagement in the long term
Product Experience: With number 18, strengthen the product message when
consumers experience the product
Scheme: link with Jägermeister mobile application and create viral online using big celebrity and provide unforgettable bonding with friends
Get hotter, cool it down with Jägermeister Concept: Phased unveiling of branded web clips - As view counts go up, web clips get hotter, more intriguing or more intense. It directly relates to outdoor event, allowing consumers to experience the product in multiple branded occasions, while extending the experience further giving SNS linkage with RFID technology.
Duration: January 2013 - June 2013
Location : online + Apgujeong
Objective: Web Clips: Convey brand message via 3 story lines. Creating and
spreading buzz about the brand.
Outdoor Event: Increase contact points with products. Multi-dimensional brand experience.
Scheme: upload branded web clips and through SNS announce the event, at the end invite users to off line event for secondary viral from themselves
WELCOMM Our Interpretation of Brand Objective How do we make Your Brand DNA 1. Culturally relevant for Korea 2. Emotionally engaging for our
target audience to connect people look for something coldest
when they are in the state of hottest Be as the hottest flame when in love
but be cold as ice when it's over Men gets instinctively
attracted to the coldest Multi-Level Campaign Task Task 1
The Perfect Shot
Communicating Perfect
Way of Drinking
Jägermeister Task 2
The Perfect Connection
Communicating Perfect
Way of Enjoying
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