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Noah Raymundo

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

How did Jesse Owens become a track legend? Accomplishments In the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
Once known as "world's fastest human"
Helped people see what racism and prejudice was doing to the society Jesse Owens Quote 1 "We all have dreams but in order to make them come into reality it takes a awful lot of determination, dedication, and self discipline." Obstacles Racism
Had a cyst on his chest, which mother had to cut off
Exclusion Influences Open up opportunities for African Americans
Motivational speaker, that encouraged blacks to be socially involved
Joined a civil rights movement because he wanted more rights for blacks
Jesse Owens encouraged blacks and whites to unite Quote 2 "The true beginning of my running really lay with my father." Quote 3 "One chance is all I need." Video Jesse Owens Accomplishments In the 1936 Berlin Olympics
Won four gold medals
Events were 100 m, 220 yard dash, long jump, 4x100 relay
Opened up opportunities for other Blacks Obstacles Racial discrimination
Had a cyst on his chest and was not allowed to go to a hospital because of racism Influences Jesse Owens influence to become a track runner was set by Charles Riley
Jesse Owens influenced other Blacks to be socially active
Encouraged Blacks to fight for equal rights
Became a motivational speaker Jesse's Timeline 1913- James Cleveland Owens is born 1922- Owens family moves to Cleveland and J.C. Owens becomes known as Jesse Jesse's Timeline Jesse's Timeline 1928- sets his first record in the high jump and long jump, under coach and life-long mentor Charles Riley Jesse's Timeline 1922- Owens family moves to Cleveland and J.C. Owens becomes known as Jesse 1936- Jesse Owens goes to the Olympics in Berlin
Wins 4 gold medals in four different events
Events- 100 meter, 220 yard dash, long jump, and 4x100 relay

1936- Owens has to race horses to get money. He wins the race Jesse's Timeline Jesse's Timeline 1933- National Championship in Chicago, wins the long jump, sets a world record for the 220 yard dash, and ties the world record for the 100 meter Jesse's Timeline Jesse's Timeline 1942-The Associated Press name Jesse Owens the greatest track athlete from the past half century 1942- Jesse Owens is appointed to Director of National Fitness Jesse's Timeline 1974-Owens is inducted into the U.S. track and field Hall of Fame Jesse's Timeline 1980-Owens dies of lung cancer at the age of 66 World Timeline 1914- Start of World War I World Timeline 1918- World War I ends World Timeline 1939- World War II begins 1945- End of World War II World Timeline World Timeline 1950- First Organ Transplant
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