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Mononucleosis is a epstein-barr virus that is incurable by antibiotics.

Anna Gragg

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Mononucleosis

How do you catch mononucleosis?
Through tears
Any contact with eating utinsils,glasses.
You will develop signs of mono four to six weeks after you have been effected. What are the symptoms?
Sore throat
Swollen glands
Loss of appetite
Night sweats
Tiny red or bruised like areas
inside the mouth. Mononucleosis
By: Anna Gragg History of mononucleosis...
First discovered in the late 19th century.
First got its name in 1920
Researcher, Spunt, and his associates
gave him the idea of infectious mononuclosis
Cells are close to leukemia and was
often misdiognosed as leukemia.
John Hopkins Medical wrote a paper on mononuclosis.
Known as the Epstein-Barr virus
It is a virus How do you cure mono?
Mono is incureable
Can not be treated with antibiotics
Lays dormant in your system for the rest of
you life.
All you can do is treat your symptoms What is mononucleosis?
A virus that is similar to leukemia.
Mononucleosis is known as mono and has know cure the more you learn about the symptoms the better you can treat yourself.
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