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Leon Trotsky's use of propaganda during the Russian Revolution

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Jada Purkett

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Leon Trotsky's use of propaganda during the Russian Revolution

Influences due to propagnda
Unfortunate Turnouts
Joseph Stalin and Leon Trotsky were supposed to work together to govern and help their people, it was even what Lenin wanted before his unfortunate death. Despite their partnership, they never agreed on a lot of subjects. They had become serious rivals. That's why, in the year 1927, Trotsky was exiled by Stalin. First there was internal exile, then foreign exile. After his exile, Stalin took complete totalitarian control, and made things much worse than there were before.
The Death of Trotsky
Early Years
Leon Trotsky was born on December 7th, 1879 in Lev Davidovich Bronstein in Yanovka, Ukraine, in the Russian Empire.
What is Marxism?
Marxism was basically the layout design for communism. It was made by a german philosopher (and social scientist) by the name of Karl Marx, who made it out to be a scientific theory of a successful government.
In Relation to Animal Farm
Trotsky was represented by Snowball in the book Animal Farm. Snowball was a free, ambitious, thinker over everyone. He talked dreamily about all his great ideas that would improve the lives of the animals and would keep the farm running. He gave inspirational speeches that pepped up the animals' mood. He mostly used card stacking propaganda, he always talked about the benefits of the revolution, and ignored the heights that everyone would have to go to to get those benefits. But everyone trusted him and respected him because of his ideas, which made him receive the loyalty of the animals, until he was exiled by Napolean (Stalin)
Leon Trotsky's use of propaganda during the Russian Revolution
Early years: Part 2
Both his parents were wealthy jewish farmers
Vladimir Lenin helped put Marxism into action and conjoined his interpretation of it with Marx's ideals. Which was called Marxism-Leninism, which then later came the Communist worldview.
Despite his exile, Trotsky still criticised and rivaled against Stalin from afar when he settled in Mexico in 1936. Stalin ordered Ramon Mercader, an assassin, to kill Trotsky. Ramon stabbed Trotsky in the head with an ice pick. The following day, Trotsky died from the injury.
He moved to a school in Odessa when he was eight
For his final year of school, he became involved in Marxism while studying in Nikolayev,Ukraine in the year 1896.
Developed Ideas
He was the architect of the Soviet State, led the Bolshevik Revolution, and founded the Russian Communist Party. He was looked at as "the greatest revolutionary leader and thinker since Marx." And also "One of the most influential and controversial political figures of the 20th century.
Mini Bio On Leon Trotsky
Trotsky earned the people's trust and helped them gain hope for a better future.
He gave witty speeches with loaded words, using faulty cause-and-effect reasoning to put the people in a narrow mindset.
He showed his honest concern for the people which helped to gain their trust and loyalty.
Adage Influence: "All People are Equal"
Trotsky gave more meaning to "all people are equal". He made it an inspiration, a promise, a targeted goal, a tangible dream, a firm precedent, and a phrase of hope for a new beginnings. The people also believed that this was so. Stalin however, turned it into a joke, a deceptive trick, a false cause, and a manipulation tool to take control.
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