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Solarize Waterford

No description

Sunlight Solar

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Solarize Waterford

Solar Cells
- Aesthetic Options:
- US Made
- High Efficiency = Most watts on the roof of any panel
Power Optimizer
Aluminum Frame
Tempered Glass
- One Fixed, Group Rate Price: $3.50/W
- Great Pre-Designed PV System with Optional Add-ons
- Reliable Installer Preselected by your community leaders
- $0 Upfront Cost to Own your System!
Why Solarize?
Why Solar?
- Reduce Carbon Footprint
~Tons of CO2 Emissions Prevented
~Acres Equivalent of Trees Planted
- Save Money
- Solar is Awesome!
Why Sunlight Solar?
- 29 Years in the Solar PV Industry
Experience and Longevity
- We have been a local CT option since 2004
- You won't get a sales pitch - you get an honest assessment
~Electric rates have ups and downs - Nationally, rates have risen by about 3% per year over the last 10 years - Solar puts a stop to this
~An average sized system will save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the system
~An average system can have a 9-13% IRR and a payback period as short as 8 years
~The utility grid operates on fossil fuels - so when fossil fuel prices change, so do your electric rates
System Sizing
Based on Your Annual Electricity Usage
Solar is Property and Sales Tax Exempt!!
What makes a site good for solar?
Roof Condition
- Structure, layers of shingles
- Plenty of life left on roof
No lien is placed on your home through the solar loan!!
Panel Options:
Does solar add value to your home?
The consensus of recent studies indicate that PV systems typically increase market value and almost always decrease marketing time.
- Study from Berkley National Laboratory
Impact of PV Systems on
Market Value and Marketability
*No Increase in property taxes
*No lien placed on home through a solar loan
Homeowner's Insurance - Often will have $0 impact on your premiums. On average you could expect $50-$100/year. - Ask your Provider

~State and Federal incentives reduce the cost of solar
Our energy audit partner:
New England Conservation Services
(877) 389-7077

$124 for up to 4 hours worth of work airsealing, LED bulbs, duct sealing, etc.

UPDATE: Eversource just raised their rates by about $0.012/kWh - This is roughly an 8% increase!
- Offered with a cost adder
- Most watts at the base price
#2 on Score Card
#1 on Score Card
FREE Solar PV System for a City Building!
18 Contracts = 4,500 W
Currently 3,000 W
36 Contracts = 6,000 W
54 Contracts = 7,500 W
72 Contracts = 9,000 W
90 Contracts = 10,500 W
108 Contracts = 12,000 W
126 Contracts = 13,500 W
144 Contracts = 15,000 W
180 Contracts = 16,500 W
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