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Nurse Anesthetists

No description

talia heck

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Nurse Anesthetists

Nurse Anesthetists
Talia Heck

Working on working planning process
1) I want to be an Nurse Anethetist
2) I want to do this job because i want to help people and they make good money
3)I want to learn how to do the stuff that they do such as deliver a baby,and do surgerys.
4)I am hesitent about being a Nurse because i dont want to see someone die because i have been through that three times through my life.
5)I am good match because i want to be able to say that I saved people for my job.
Nurse Anethetists
As a Nurse Anethetists you get to help with dilivering babies. As well as, doing surgerys on people. They get to talk to doctors, nurses, and patients throughout the days. They get to check patients for diseaces or infections as well as if they are sick with the flu or other sicknesses. They work around 40 hurs a week, may work weekends, days, and nights as well. With experience Nurse Anethetists can advance to a higher to pay and supervisory positions. They average from $60.86 per month and $10,595 per month. Tp become a Nurse Anethetists first you have to be registered as a nurse. After working for at least a year in the adult critical care you attend a two year masters program.you take courses in advanced physiology, anatomy, biology, and chemistr.Then you also take applied courses in pharmocolony and anethesia practices.
Career Planning
Goal 1: my goal is to graduate high school
S: i want a 3.2 GPA
M: It is measurable by getting good grades in all my classes
A: This goal is very achievable.
R: Yes this goal is realistic
T: I would work about 12 hours
Artistic 10
Social 8
Enterprising 8
realistic 3
conventional 2
investigation 2
My 4 year high school plan
9th Grade:
1. World Studies- English
2. World Studies- Social Studies
3. Math- Algebra
4. Science- Physical Science
5, Life Issues- Life Issues
6. Yearbook

10th Grade:
1. English-Honors English
2. Math- Geometry
3. Science- Biology
4. Health-Fitness
5. Yearbook
6. ASL
To work as a Nurse Anesthetist, you typically need
to have a high school diploma or GED. Graduate from a nursing program. Work for at least one year in adult critical care. Graduate from a masters program. Complete a clinical residency and be licensed. Gonzage University can provide me with the information that i will need to become a Nurse Anesthetists.
Evidence of career research
11th Grade:
1. English- Junior
2. History- American Studies 2
3. Math- Alegra 2
4. Science-Chemistry 1
5. ASL
6. Yearbook

12th Grade:
1. English- Senior
2. History- Senior Social Studies
3. Math- AP statistics
4. ASL
5. Culinary Essentials
6. No Extra classes needed
Goal 2: garduate Collage
S: I want to get a 3.5 GPA
M: I would go till I graduate
A: This goal is achievable
R: Yes this goal is realistic
T: I have to go to collage for 4-6 years to get a 3.5 GPA
Goal 3: Get a Job
S: i want to work at a hospital
M: I would work there till I retire
A: Yes this goal is achievable
R: Yes this goal is realistic
T: I would work full time shifts
Cheerleading- I have done it for about 4 years I did it for rogers cheer for two years then I just it for the Enumclaw Hornets for 1 year then I did it for emerald city jewles all- star team for a 1 year.

Activity Record
I agree that this assignment was hard because there were things that were confusing to me that didnt make since so I had to ask you or my other classmates I think next time it should make it more clear on what we are suppose to do on each slide. For the most part it was easy just not om the confusing slides. There were some things that suprised me. Such as how many points this assignment was worth. And how many slides that we had to do and this slide I thought would be hard because of how long it said it was suppose to be.

Self Assessment
Artistic -7
Leading & Influencing-6
Business detail-4
Physical performing-4
PLants & animals-4
Gymnastics is another sport that is did for about 4 years or so and i stopped after i started doing cheer
Evidence of learning
1.)Russia is renamed & sets up a new government - Fill in the blank
2.)Unrest-o meters for Russian Revolution
3.)What is plagiarism notes
4.)Identify the controls and variables
5.)Gravational Potential energy & Kentic energy worksheet
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